April Chess Update

April was an interesting month.  I stopped training for chess and started playing chess.  There’s a difference.  While I experienced ups and downs, April was largely positive.  As of the time of writing, I haven’t lost a game.  I have completed ten games at chess.com, going 10-0-1, and eleven games at net-chess.com, going a perfect 11-0.  My rating at chess.com is currently 1704, very close to my old standard of 1800.  Another month and I just might get that.  Net-chess unfortunately either doesn’t use the standard elo rating system or has an incredibly inflated one, as my rating is over 2600.

All in all, that’s 21 games without a loss, so I’ll take that.  But first, let’s look at my Tactics Stats.

April 2015 Tactics

Remember my old constant progress?  Yeah, that’s gone.  This one looks like a heartbeat, up and down, up and down.  My highest score is 2050, and whenever I approach it, I seem to fall off a cliff.  I then recover, get closer, and then the process repeats itself.  I have found my ‘true’ rating, I guess.  Tactically, I am somewhere around 2000.  I am currently trending up, so we’ll see if that continues or it another fall off the precipice is coming.  It will be interesting to see how or when I improve from this up-down cycle.

My Chess Lessons

As mentioned, I went 21 games without a loss, but actually, I had a completely losing position in two of them (and am currently losing two more, unless I pull a swindle)!  You learn far more from your loses than your wins, so let’s look at them.  The first position occurs in my game against Dancing Hare, a just under 1900-rated player.  He had the advantage the entire game, and I really had no hope … until a drawing possibility seized my mind.

Basically, I lucked out big time here.  The second game is similar.  I took Cshreyas, a 1300 player, lightly, and soon I was in a terrible position.

Basically, this should show that, even though I haven’t lost in April, I haven’t been near perfect.  My luck is bound to change, but then, I’ve also shaken off lots of rust, so maybe the two will counteract each other.

My Best Game

In addition to pointing out my worst games, I would like to post my favourite game each month.  Not necessarily best, but the game I enjoyed the most.  Here it is.

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