April Flexibility Update

A few days late with this one, so let’s get right to it.

Splits1 May 15 Splits1 April 15

First off, yes, I was very stiff when I took this photo.  No, I haven’t lost flexibility, but for this day I did.  Indeed, I waited a few days to see if the soreness would go away to get a better photo, but nope.  I might have pushed a little too hard on my last session.  I mean, I got really low, but I’ve been stiff for about four days.  Hopefully when it goes away I’ll feel better, and lower.

Splits2 May 15 Splits2 April

Hey!  I think I’m lower here!  More importantly, I’m more square: my rear-quad is pointing more at the ground than at the camera.  I’m thus lower in a harder position.  Excellent.  This is also my weak leg, and it has never felt better.  Some days it feels more loose than my good one!

Splits3 May Splits3 April

This here is my greatest improvement.  Again, I’m (almost) fully square, and my rear leg looks straight down.  I’m much lower to the ground.  Much of this improvement is the rear leg.  If you look at the angle from knee to hip in each picture, it is much lower this month, the first pic.  Well, ‘much.’  In terms of flexibility a few degrees or half an inch is a big deal.  More importantly, every day seemingly gets better.  I feel I am busting out of my little plateau, and hopefully that means the splits in the not so near future.


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