A New Commitment for June 2015

Despite my best intentions, so far my blogging career has not gotten off to the best start, and I have only myself to blame.

When I first started, I thought paying for a website and hosting services would motivate me to keep this blog up-to-date.  Otherwise I’ve simply thrown that money down the toilet.  My mistake, however, was having no way to keep myself accountable.  I wrote at the end of every month, doing my progress reports, and whenever I felt like it … which was rarely.  That’s a pretty poor recipe for success.

You see, the burnt cake is a metaphor for my poor blog progress so far, because the 'recipe' I have been following leads to inedible results.

It’s all burnt, because it followed a poor recipe. Get it?

That changes this month.  I am committing myself to this.  From here on out, I will publish something every day.  There is no ifs, ands or buts about it.  No excuses.

This is a far greater challenge that it may first appear.  You see, I have an almost pathological perfectionism when it comes to writing.  I sometimes rewrite a simple email six or seven times, never satisfied, never sending it until it’s ‘perfect,’ whatever that means.  For longer works such as blog posts, that feeling intensifies even more.  I had hoped having a blog would help address this issue, but so far it’s the status quo.

Overcoming this anxiety would be a major stepping stone in my personal development.  Despite my fear of publishing my writing (and it really is a fear; I freak out), I never missed a deadline at school or work.  I suppose the fear of missing the deadline overrided the fear of wriitng.  I’m hoping the same will work here, as I now have a deadline of midnight every single day, at least for the summer.  If it works, I’ll keep doing it.  If I only produce word vomit, well, we’ll try something else.

Prepare for a busy summer!

[Edit: It turns out I did pretty well, going a full year of writing every day!]

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