May Chess Update


I’ve got good news and bad news.  Let’s start with the good news.  Out of 37 total games across the last two months, I have won 31, drawing 5.  My rating at is currently 1797, three little points away from my old best, and I am winning my two remaining games.  That means I will soon past 1800 and setting personal bests with each extra rating point.

As for the bad news?  I lost my first game in embarrassing fashion, and, well, look at this graph.  You might want to cover your eyes first.

May 2015 Tactics

I’m not sure what happened here.  Well, actually, I do.  I’ve stopped studying chess.  I’ll have a post on this in the future, but basically I am spending so much time playing that I’m no longer training.  This is akin to a professional athlete only playing games, never attending practice.  Of course I am going to regress, and this next game will show exactly that.

My Chess Lessons

This was a hard fought game.  It was played on and you can find it here.  My opponent is now over 1800, though at the time we were both just above 1700.  For the first 24 moves I played great, obtaining a winning advantage, but then …well, you’ll have to watch for yourself.  Note that you can click on any move and get a mini-diagram, as well as using the arrows to navigate.

I still can’t believe I lost this game.  Wow.  Study the endgame, kids!

My Best Game

Fortunately, I played two games against the above opponent, and this one has a much happier ending.

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