October 2015 Update

October draws to a close, and as October is not September, it was automatically a better month.

I spent virtually the entire 31 days resting.  I did much less than usual in most of things.  In some ways I welcomed the break, though I think I need to start ramping things back up into high gear.  Too much time off is just as bad as not enough.  Anyway, here were my goals at the end of September, let’s see how I did:

  • be able to walk without assistance
  • finish a chess game
  • write 50,000+ words
  • don’t get injured

Physical Update

In the past I’ve called this my flexibility update, but Physical Update is more all encompassing.  Also, I did no stretching over the entire month, which would make this a very short section.

I continue to recover from my ankle injury.  I wager I’m 80% now, though interestingly I still have ugly marks and faded bruises around the area.  It’s been a month, mind you.  I guess that shows the severity of the original injury.  I can walk, which is awesome, but turning causes sharp pains, and running or jumping are still out of the question.

I have done no stretching since the injury, and I will continue to not do any stretching.  Simply getting into butterfly pose, for instance, causes pain for the ankle, and if something gentle hurts, attempting the splits will probably cause even more.  You put surprising pressure on your ankles while stretching, in case you didn’t know.

I’ve also done zero personal workouts over the last month, something that appears to negatively affect my energy levels.  I did so as a safety precaution, because even pushups put my ankle in a vulnerable position.  I will start light work in November and see if that improves things or if more time off is the order of the day.

Chess Update

Let’s start with the bad news: I got my chess.com Tactics Trainer rating to a new high, just under 2100!  You might be confused, as this sounds like good news.  This graph should clear that up pretty quickly.

Free falling, I’m free falling …

For half of October my Tactic’s rating was over 2050.  For the other half I couldn’t get one single problem right and fell to a three month low, under 1950.  I’ve started to stabilize, but Tactics Trainer really irritates me.  For instance, I ‘failed’ this problem today, despite finding a mate in 6.  Why did I fail?  Because my solution allows spite checks, which make it take longer than the suggested solution.  A difference of two moves.  My graph is going down because of things like that.

On a more happy note, I jumped past the 1900 rating milestone, and in fact I’ve won seven games this month, drawing one.  My rating sits at 1973, my highest ever.  My goal at the beginning of the year was to reach 2000, and I just might do that.  Considering my old high was 1800, that’s some impressive improvement.

Here’s a link to my favourite game of the last month.

Writing Update

Considering I couldn’t do much physically, I didn’t do as much writing as I perhaps could have.  I just missed my goal of 50,000 words, but I haven’t missed a day and continue to push my average up.

I just missed beating last month’s total and I just passed the 220,000 word mark.  Holy moly!  I wrote a couple of good posts, but I also wrote some crap.  Regardless, I’m on pace for half a million words by next June, and I plan to make it sooner than that.

November is NaNoWriMo, or the National Novel Writing Month, and I plan on participating in it this year.  The goal is to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days.  This means I’ll be spending even more of my free time writing, as I’ll still need to update my blog daily.  This means I should crush my current record of 60,000 words in a month.  Get ready for that.  I’ll have more details and updates on NaNoWriMo after I get started.

Goals for November

  • start light workouts, keep ankle happy
  • write a novel!
  • try for 100k words
  • get chess Tactic rating back over 2000
  • finish my chess games

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