SmithyQ is Back for 2017

Hello world, long time no blog.

I last posted at the beginning of September.  Four months, and in those 120 days, approximately everything has changed in my life.  For our purposes, though, we only need to know the following: I’m back to blogging, and it’s going to be 95% chess.

I’ll go into the details about why and whatnot in future posts.  The least you need to know:

  • lots of chess content coming
  • I will not be posting everyday like before; most likely once a week
  • more analysis, less ‘all talk’ articles
  • I plan on annotating every game I played last year
  • I may do some YouTube videos (no promises)

In short, I found a new way to publish games to my blog.  Rather than use static diagrams and very primitive boards, I figured out how to use ChessBase.  This changes everything.  A huge part of chess improvements comes from analyzing games, especially your own games, and I plan to do as much of that possible.

I need to revamp my blog, change some sections and formating, so bear with me over the next few weeks.  Technical glitches may happen and things may not look pretty … but there’ll be content, and that’s infinitely better than before.

4 thoughts on “SmithyQ is Back for 2017

  1. Gringo

    It’s good to have you back. I have recently started reading your blog posts and they’re refreshingly straight forward, to the point, and fun to read.

    I have also liked Smirnov though there’s quite a bit of focus and effort required to improve one’s game and go through a course. One thing’s for sure, after watching his GMPU chess has become more intimate and understandable, instead of a move by move hopefest.

    As you’ve started somewhere blunders determine the games at my level and the house of cards comes crumbling down before any read strategy is in play. Then again this is what chess is about, an interplay of focus, thinking, and perseverence.

    Have you gone through the Calculate Till Mate course? I haven’t seen a review from you on it.

    Take care,


  2. JP Post author

    Thank you for the kind words, both here and in my game analysis post. I really appreciate it.

    Yes, GMPU is a lot of work. I spent 3 months getting through it, putting 20-40min just about every day. The end result, though, was completely worth it.

    Blunders are indeed frustrating, and it took a terrible blunder of mine years ago for me to stop and say “I never want this to happen again.” I still blundered, but I did it much less. Just need to take the time to ask ‘What is my opponent threatening?’ every single move.

    I have studied roughly 70% of Calculate Til Mate, and I’ll post a review when I get through it.

  3. CitronJeune

    Hey SmithyQ !

    That’s so nice to see you again. Moreover, you are much more focused on chess and this is so nice. I was lacking of motivation those days but this is an awesome new and I’m really glad to look at your future posts !

    Good luck and keep doing this amazing blog,

    PS: Why do you play 1.d4 now with the white pieces ? Is it to avoid sharp theory because you restart chess ?

  4. JP Post author

    It’s good to hear from you again, Pierre. I hope your chess journey keeps going well.

    I’ve played virtually every opening there is at one time or another, and I’m currently in a 1.d4 mood. And, to be honest, I don’t feel like playing against the Sicilian, which requires utmost accuracy. There’s no other reason.

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