A Quick Update

I know, I know, I haven’t updated my blog in a month.  I apologize.  In my defence, my life has been as busy as it has ever been.

On June 9th, so last Friday, I officially became a 4th-degree blackbelt in shoriniji-ryu karate.  That’s just under 20 years of practice, which culminated in a six-hour grading the weekend before and then a public ceremony and show the week after.  I had been training for this moment for months, and all my extra time went to this.

All month, I am in the process of moving.  I am leaving my basement apartment in a century-old home and entering a proper dwelling.  That is awesome! … except it involves moving, which may be the worst thing ever.  I can’t tell which is worse: packing all my things into boxes (and in the process realizing how much crap I have) or unpacking all my things from said boxes.  Joy. Anyway, when I wasn’t training for my blackbelt test, I was packing.

At work, my responsibilities have increased … at both jobs.  I have been a law clerk for half a year now, and I am given more and more to do.  This is fine, but it is added pressure and added training, ontop of the continual steep learning curve inherent in the position.  At my other job, as martial arts instructor, I’m technically phasing out, but in the process I need to train my replacements.  No one is expected to replace a 4th-degree blackbelt, but all the same I need to pass on as much knowledge and information as I can so the new instructors aren’t just left hanging.

On any given day, I leave my house at 8am and get back after 8pm.  I’m averaging a 60-hour work week, and when I’m not working I’m training or packing or trying to find time to sleep.  I won’t lie, I’m exhausted, and this blog was the easiest thing to cut.  Once July rolls around I’ll have a much more manageable schedule, with all the above over or concluded, and my chess analysis will resume its normal schedule.

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