I’m Finally Back (or, alternate title, Nothing is worse than Moving)

The Good News, I finally finished moving. The Bad News, I got jerked around by my Internet company, I got jerked around by the moving company, two separate boxes exploded during the move, my dresser didn’t survive, my living room looks like a Jenga game writ large, and fought through the above while having the busiest week at work ever, all while my boss and supervisor were away on vacation, leaving me to fend for myself.

But again, the Good News: I’m finished moving! Or that’s what I tell myself at least. If I ever have to move again, I think I’ll just light everything I own on fire. I think that’ll be easier.

Image result for moving truck on fire

Less painful than actually moving.

Anyway, rant over, here’s what this means for this blog and my three or so regular readers (assuming you are still around a month later). Basically, the blog is back. I plan to write more game analysis, goal is one a week, as well as other odds and ends. I have some ideas for a few written articles, exploring chess theory in more written form rather than just variations, but that’s very much in the rough stages.

One idea I’m toying with is creating some video analysis and lessons. I have reached out to a few people I know on chess.com and created / offered to create a video analysis of a game. Depending on feedback, I may make it a regular or semi-regular part of the blog. I’m much more comfortable writing than speaking, but videos have definite benefits. No promises, but I’m exploring the idea. We’ll see.

Finally, on terms of my own chess development, I am currently going through Igor Smirnov’s course ‘Calculate Till Mate’. I had intended to do ‘Endgame Expert’ next, but several people have asked me about CTM and whether I had a review on it. Calculation is not a strength of mind, so why not, let’s do it.

I have watched all the video lessons approximately twice, and I’m currently going through the practical part now. Once I’ve completed most if not all of the exercises, I’ll write a review. I have to do it this way, because most of the visualization training is part of the practical and not the video lessons (which makes sense if you think about it). Spoiler alert: this is a very good but a very tough course. I don’t know if it will supercharge my rating like GMPU did, but it’s definitely going to do something.

No promises on a timeline, as the practical part is absolutely massive. I will spend 30min to an hour most days, with maybe a little longer on the weekend. The same approach took me three months to get through GMPU, and this one is bigger, so September is an optimistic goal.

So, long story short, expect actual content in the coming weeks. If you have any requests, anything you want me to cover, let me know.

One thought on “I’m Finally Back (or, alternate title, Nothing is worse than Moving)

  1. CitronJeune

    Hey SmithyQ !

    That’s so nice to see you again ! I think your project of making videos could be really good, I hope you’ll success doing it. Good luck for your work on Calculate till Mate, I’m sure it will bring you a lot 😉


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