Miniature #1: Don’t Move the Same Piece Twice

Here we go.  SmithyQ presents YouTube video number two!

This one may become a regular series.  I adore chess miniatures.  These are games under 25 moves, usually finishing with a crushing attack or fancy tactics.  In order to lose in under 25 moves, one side has to make some decisive mistakes.  Studying miniatures teaches us both to recognize when these mistakes happen and how to punish them most effectively.  Your opening and early middlegame attacking skills will increase tremendously after even just a few games.

Also, miniatures are a heck of a lot of fun, so let’s take a look.

What struck me about this game was that Black didn’t make a single obvious blunder.  All of his moves made sense: recapture with the Bishop; keep the two Bishops; develop the Knight; keep control of d5.  All of these are good ideas.  All of them made sense … and yet, when combined, they gave White enough time to launch a devastating attack.

That’s the power of miniatures.  They will hone your killer instinct, allowing you to see opportunities others gloss over.

I will likely share more miniatures as the weeks go on.  Let me know if you like them or if you prefer something else.

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