GM Smirnov

I have seen countless lessons from numerous chess teachers, and none can hold a candle to GM Igor Smirnov.

The vast majority of chess educational material is rather poor.  Strong players will analyze openings to death, giving lines that go into the endgame for sub-variations.  Alteratively, we get full game analysis.  It’s deep, accurate, correct, and yet we learn nothing.  We may be entertained for a moment, but when the video ends, we are no stronger.

Smirnov is different.  When you finish one of his lessons, you know how to think like a chess player.  You don’t memorize moves.  You will see a position and know exactly how you should approach it.  There is no guesswork.  You get nothing but practical advice, and you can see it’s worth instantly.

My results have been fantastic.  I was stuck at 1800 elo for years.  One year after studying Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding, his flagship course, I got over 2100 rating.  It’s a night and day difference, and it’s something no other chess coach could do.  I cannot recommend him enough.

Below, I’ve reviewed most of his major works in considerable depth.  They are in the order I recommend them, with my highest rating at the top.

Reviews of Smirnov’s Courses

  1. Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding
  2. Opening Lab 2
  3. Endgame Expert
  4. Calculate Till Mate
  5. Winning the Middlegame
  6. How to Beat Titled Players
  7. Your Winning Plan
  8. GM’s Secrets
  9. Self-Taught Grandmaster
  10. GM’s Opening Lab 1
  11. Your Top Chess Questions Answered
  12. Unlocking the Grandmaster’s Mind

A General Overview of Smirnov’s Curriculum

Smirnov’s Books

  1. Champion Psychology
  2. A Promoted Pawn: My Chess Journey

RCA Opening Courses

  1. Bogo-Indian
  2. Nimzo-Indian