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The Thrill of the First Sale

I’m both a very good and a very bad salesman. Bad, in the sense that I’m a shy, quiet, soft-spoken introvert. I’m not direct, I’m not pushy and I easily accept no for an answer. I have even told people not to buy a certain product because it doesn’t fit their needs. If this sounds like the exact opposite of a typical salesperson, you are correct.

This isn’t me.

Surprisingly, though, a number of people have tried to get me into sales, everything from door-to-door to telemarketing and everything in between. I am passionate and I can be very persuasive, and if you have a need for what I’m selling then I can be extremely effective. Unfortunate, physically selling things is a hassle. I hate knocking on people’s doors or cold-calling them. I feel like I’m an uninvited guest. More to the point, I hate these things myself, so how could I do it for a living?

My in-person sales career thus never had a chance, but online? That’s a completely different story. Continue reading

The Epidemic of Advertising in Sports

Do me a favour: look around for a second. Congratulations, you just saw some advertising (unless you are currently living in a cave, but even then there’s still a chance). In my own case, I’m looking at my Dell monitor in front of me, typing on my Logitech keyboard next to my Razer mouse. I have notes on my Hillroy paper. I’m drinking out of a Tim Horton’s mug. Heck, I didn’t even need to turn around: there are six-thousand brands staring back at me from my desk alone.

You might say these are pretty innocuous, and you’d be right. If a company makes something, they should put their name on it. Indeed, if you find an MP3 player, say, with absolutely no branding on it, it’s probably the cheapest knockoff in existence. Stay away. I have no problem with basic branding practices.

Not a fan of this, but if you want to buy and wear your own walking billboard for a soulless company, all the power to you.

I do have a problem, though, with rampant advertising clogging up every free space available. Just because something exists doesn’t mean it needs to have branding on it. Continue reading

Stupid Autoplay Videos

I think we can agree, by and large, that the Internet is a pretty awesome thing. It lets us communicate in ways previously unimaginable, and it has changed the world more in two decades than most inventions have in a century. There was a time where, if you didn’t know something, you had to call a friend or go to the library. Now we google it and get an answer in five seconds. That’s a massive change.

And images! Can you imagine living in a world before lolcat?

Of course, some of these changes are for the worse. The Internet has likely made us lazier, both physically and mentally. We are less likely to memorize information when a quick search finds anything we need. We are more likely to trust dubious authority, and a whole generation of people are currently growing up in a world where ‘trolling’ is seen as normal, even common behaviour. Strange.

Today, I don’t care about any of that. I want to condemn the Internet for one stupid thing, autoplay videos. Also known as the devil. Continue reading

Selling Fries and Fitness

January and gyms seem to go hand-in-hand. Certainly its the gym owner’s favourite month. After all, something like 80% of people who sign up stop going within two weeks, and that number gets even bigger if we look into February. Indeed, gym’s have become somewhat notorious for this, as they advertise heavily at this time of year, using fitness models with amazing bodies, all to entice everyone with a New Year’s resolution to walk in and sign a contract.

It’s almost sickening, isn’t it? People want to make themselves better, healthier, happier. So many people have dreams for the New Year, hoping that this the year everything changes for the better. Gyms prey on these people, essentially taking their money for nothing. They know most people will give up within a few weeks, so they get paid for months while giving almost nothing. It’s a calculated strategy, and frankly the whole fitness industry should be ashamed of itself.

There’s a very good chance this fitness model never touched a bowflex before that photo shoot.

I would know, because I work in the fitness industry. Continue reading

The Negative Political Climate

On Wednesday I wrote a post about why I do not vote. I covered the main reasons pretty well, I thought, but there are some other, secondary issues as well. The Canadian election is just days away, on October 19, and it honestly cannot and fast enough. The sooner I stop hearing about the election the better.

Oh look, more election news! We haven’t had enough of that!

I am currently watching my Toronto Maple Leafs play hockey, or attempt to play hockey as the case may be. During commercial breaks I get treated to exactly 3 different commercials. First would be the inane Scotia Bank commercials. These appear to be the exact same commercials that aired last year, and I mean identical. They are just as ineffective now as they were then. Scotia Bank also has perhaps the most inane slogan ever: you’re richer than you think. No, in most cases you are poorer than you think, though I guess that doesn’t have the same ring to it. Continue reading