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Free Lessons from Smirnov: How To Analyze Your Games

I would like to share the following, a free series of videos roughly 30min long from GM Igor Smirnov, where he explains how to analyze your games.  The approach he recommends is basically the same as the one I use, though he has one interesting twist which I don’t use often, and one I will definitely think about.  It’s free, it’s great, it’s Smirnov, take a look.

There’s also a personal reason I’m recommending it.  You see, Smirnov spends a few minutes analyzing a position from one of my games.  Not just any game, either, but my most important game.  Take a look. Continue reading

Checkia – SmithyQ, Feb 2017: White’s Nizmo Nightmare

The Nizmo-Indian is probably the best opening Black can play.  It’s completely sound.  It can be super-tactical or pure positional.  It introduces imbalances at an early stage, allowing the stronger player to outplay a weaker one.  The positions are diverse, and ten games can have ten completely different positions by move 10.

Honestly, the only downside is that White can completely avoid it by not playing an early c4 or Nc3, which is admittedly frustrating.

The following game shows about the worst that can happen to White: an imprecise move leads to a small blunder, and suddenly White is naked facing a flood.  Let’s take a look. Continue reading

My First Game of 2017!

This game is an unorthodox opening from both sides, culminating in a mating attack before move 10!  Wow!  2017 is off to a great start!

In all honesty, I had no intention of playing chess for the first few months.  Much like 2015, I wanted time to study first and then put it into action.  However, I advanced to the fourth round of a chess.com tournament and got automatically paired with several opponents.  Somehow all are much lower rated than I am, but oh well, let’s do it.

I present my first game of 2017. Continue reading