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Review of ‘Your Top Chess Questions Answered’ by GM Smirnov

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Your_top_chess_questions_AnsweredYour Top Chess Questions Answered

Topic: Misc.; how to play and train better in general

My View: Some excellent, concise information, though other parts are less relevant

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August 2015 Updates

Summer is winding down, and August comes to a close.  It was a busy month for me, as they all are, but I had extra to do in terms of work.  Indeed, I got a temporary new job, so to speak, and I’ll detail that later.  More importantly, I stayed the course and had another exceedingly productive month.

At the end of July, I gave the following goals.  Let’s see how I did.

  • keep stretching, don’t regress!
  • train 22+ hours of chess
  • finish chess course, ‘Your Winning Plan
  • get Tactic’s Rating back to 1975
  • write at least 35,000 words (which will bring my three month total over 100,000!)

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