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Living with Anxiety

When you hear your phone ring, what do you do? You answer it, most likely. Maybe you check the caller ID first. If it’s someone you don’t feel like speaking with, maybe you’ll let it go to voicemail. In any other case, though, you simply pick up the phone and answer it. It seems like a simple question, really.

It’s not so simple for me.

When the phone rings, I completely tense up, every muscle rigid. My chest tightens, my breathing becomes shallow and rapid. My mind shuts off. I completely freeze. This doesn’t happen every time, but when it does, no force in heaven or on earth can move me. You could offer me a lifetime of riches to answer that phone, and I couldn’t do it. I’d want to, obviously, but I couldn’t do it.

Hi. My name is Jonathan, and I live with anxiety. Continue reading

Caring about Cars vs Caring about Ourselves

I know very little about cars. The topic bores me to tears, honestly. It holds absolutely no appeal for me. During conversations, if friends start talking about cars or vehicles or maintenance, my eyes start to glaze over. It’s funny, because I like understanding how things work, and automobiles are very interesting, complex systems. For some reason, it just doesn’t work for me.

No, please, tell me more about your carburetor problems. It’s so fascinating.

My dojo is located between three different automobile locations. One is a Meineke, a place that specializes in repairs. The second is a privately owned windows and glass-care small business, specializing in windshields and repairs of that nature. The final business is a car cleaner and fine detailing place. Actually, now that I think about it, the last business specializes in audio equipment, and their main niche is outfitting cars. Wow. It’s like this entire small block is dedicated to something I actually don’t care about. Continue reading