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The Colle System and Kingside Attacks

A viewer asked me to create  a video on the dangers of castling, specifically, when is castling early a mistake.  Since this usually means castling into an attack, I focused on typical Kingside ideas.  You can see it below.

That said, the first part of the video deals with a Colle System game that completely shows everything involving a Kingside attack against the castled King.  See the full analysis of said game below, which expands on the video. Continue reading

Examples of Winning via Attack I: Uncastled King

‘Attack’ can mean many different things in chess.  Some people immediately imagine sacrifices and unbelievable tactics.  Others think of opposite-side castling and pawnstorms, like the Sicilian Dragon.  Some people might even think about weak pawns and attacking them to win an endgame.

Those people are weird.

For me, when I think of an attack, I immediately picture the attack against an uncastled King.  That is my favourite, bar none.  There’s something magical, even romantic, about mating the uncastled King.  I mean, we all know we should castle, yet sometimes we don’t, and those are the exact times that I relish the most. Continue reading