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Review of ‘Your Top Chess Questions Answered’ by GM Smirnov

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Your_top_chess_questions_AnsweredYour Top Chess Questions Answered

Topic: Misc.; how to play and train better in general

My View: Some excellent, concise information, though other parts are less relevant

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Review of RCA’s NimzoIndian Opening Course

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Nimzo-Indian Course

Subject: The Nimzo-Indian opening, from Black’s side

Recommendation: Not bad, but you get 98% of this if you get Opening Lab 2.

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Review of Grandmaster’s Opening Lab 2

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Grandmaster’s Opening Lab 2

Topic: How to play the Opening

My View: Absolutely fantastic; universal opening instruction

Size: 270mb, over 5 hours (!) of lectures, and a very decent opening repertoire

Get it here: The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2

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Review of Unlocking the GM’s Mind

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unlocking_gms_mind_Disc_cover_1aUnlocking the GM’s Mind

Topic: Thinking?

My View: Worst RCA course by far, avoid

Size: 300mb, about 3hrs of ‘lectures’, about 60 practical problems

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(edit: a new, updated version has been released; check the bottom for my original review)

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Review of Self-Taught Grandmaster

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Self-Taught Grandmaster

Topic: Training

My View: Solid, but often appears as an advertisement for his other courses; should not be your first RCA course

Size: 150mb download, about 2 hours of lectures, around 200 training tasks, a full training plan

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Review of GM Smirnov’s Opening Lab 1

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411Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory 1

Topic: Opening Preparation, Opening Repertoire

My View: Decent; beyond my current level, and likely most people as well.  Should not get for only the opening repertoire

Size: 60mb, nearly 2hrs of video lecture, lots of opening lines

Purchase it here: The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory

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Review of How to Beat Titled Players

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31-300x300How to Beat Titled Players

Topic: ‘Advanced Skills,’ namely attacking, counter blows, complications, positional sacrifices, prophylaxis

My View: Great lessons on difficult concepts; definitely not for beginners, or even intermediates

Size: 70mb, roughly 2hours of video lectures, about 100 training tasks

Purchase it here: How to Beat Titled Players
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Review of Grandmaster’s Secrets

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The Grandmaster’s Secrets

Topic: How to Think and Calculate during each stage of game

My View: Great insight into a chess game,but somewhat general in scope; most beneficial for beginners, sub-1600 Elo.  The higher your rating, the more useful GMPU will be.

Size: 50mb, about 2hours of lectures, about 100 practical puzzles, plus about 50 games to analyze

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Review of Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding

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Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding

Topic: Strategy and Thinking

My View: Best Chess Investment Ever

Size: 200mb, nearly 5 hours of video, just over 200 practical training positions

Purchase it here: The Grandmaster’s Positional Understanding

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