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SmithyQ – Checkia, Feb 2017: A KID Endgame

Let me start by saying this: I don’t understand the KID and I’m terrible at endgames.

The King’s Indian Defence is one of those openings I’ve never understood.  I mean, I get the basics.  Black gives up the centre so he can counter-attack with pieces and pawn breaks later.  When I play it as White, no matter how well I play, Black always ends up with active counterplay.  When I play it as Black, I lose in 12 moves.

The KID appeals to aggressive players, but it’s a high-risk opening.  What’s the worst possible scenario?  You don’t get to attack and you get stuck in an endgame.  I’m not the best endgame player, but if I can end up in a no-risk position with decent winning chances, I take it every time.  That’s what happened here.

My opponent played much stronger than his rating, and this game was quite intense.  Let’s take a look. Continue reading