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January 2016 Update

One month in, and 2016 is not off to the best start.

In a word, I bit off more than I could chew.  I tried to do too much, filling my days with task after task only to be left with no time, no energy and no motivation to do it again tomorrow.  Within just a few days I basically abandoned everything I set out to do.

I’m perhaps being overly dramatic, but in general, this month has been a failure.  Better luck in February.  Here, let me categorize in depth each one of my failings. Continue reading

My Three New Skills for 2016

I have three rather specific categories for my New Year’s goals: physical fitness, writing and chess all seem rather self-explanatory. Then there’s this section, skills. Not so self-explanatory. In a nutshell, there are things I want to do. When you look at, for example, my goals of doing the splits, getting stronger and running a sub-20min 5k, you can group all those under a broader category, that of physical fitness.

When it comes to ‘skills,’ these are simply things that I want to learn that do not fit inside a broad category. Or, if they do, it’s tenuous at best.

Even this professionally-made image has no real theme or cohesiveness among its many words.

I’ll be honest, that these skills do not fit inside a larger category worries me somewhat. It suggests they are somewhat random, potentially a passing fad instead of a real interest. It would be disappointing to put in several hours only to find out I don’t care about a given topic at all. That said, it’s nearly always better to do something than to stand still. If I don’t finish these, or abandon them in the next few months, oh well.

Let’s take a look. Continue reading

My Goals for 2016

Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to a great 2016!

Last year, I set three goals for 2015, and in general, I smashed them. I definitely can’t complain about the results. I realized in the last few weeks, though, that I never explicitly wrote a blog post about them. I mean, I originally intended this blog to track and motivate my goals, but I never stated what those goals were, at least not directly.

This year, I figured I’d change that. Since I easily handled three goals last year, I’ll set more this year. Indeed, I’ll go into greater detail, completely outlining my expectations and my plan of attack. At this time next year, there will be no mystery about whether I achieved or failed these goals. I also think writing them down in detail is both more motivating and lets me plan it out better, as opposed to just “let’s hope and pray it works.”

So without further ado, let’s get started. Continue reading

The Ideal Person: Skills

This section, the fourth and final part of my thoughts on the ideal person, is basically just a catch-all: it collects all the important elements that do not fit in the physical, mental or social categories. In some cases there is heavy overlap. Math, for instance, is clearly a mental skill. Figuring out how to split a tip at a restaurant is still mostly mental but also has social elements as well. Planning a budget takes it one step further and can interconnect with everything in your life.

Bottom line, there are some things everyone should know, and this section lists some examples. Continue reading

The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution

Every January 1st, people the world over make resolutions.  Lose weight, get in shape,  give up a bad habit, the list goes on.  Unfortunately, though these intentions are noble, they frequently falter by January 2nd.  You need willpower if you hope to stick to one of these.

You can help your willpower.  Telling friends and family can help, as it will create a support network when your motivation wanes.  I am going one step further: I am telling everyone.

In short, I created a website to track my progress.  I bought a domain and a hosting plan.  I put money down on a one-year plan, so I have no choice but to be committed.  If I get any visitors, they can push me and cheer me on as well.

I’m very new to all this.  Creating a website isn’t as easy as I thought, but once I get things figured out, all my hopes, thoughts and dreams for 2015 will be on here, somewhere.  Here’s hoping it’s a great year.