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My First Workout Post-Injury

I woke up today with one mission: complete a workout. It’s been too long. I’ve barely done anything since my ankle injury, more than two months ago. I did nothing more strenuous than walk down the street, and that’s a big blow for me. I teach martial arts; I’m addicted to fitness. I love moving and pushing my body to new limits. Getting super sweaty after an intense workout is almost a badge of honour, something to say that I did good work just then. I haven’t felt that in more than two months. That changed today.

It also makes you look possessed. Demon pushups here.

My whole week, in fact, had been planned for this exact moment. Today was the best day to do it, as I have the lightest schedule and no other obligations. Nonetheless, I needed to get it done early. If I didn’t do it first thing, I might not do it at all. I might lose my nerve, or something might come up. Something always comes up if you wait long enough. The night before I went to bed early so I could get up early this morning. Let’s do it. Continue reading

You Get What You Give

Let me start by providing an injury update. It has been one month since I strained my ankle from playing frisbee, and I am not yet back to normal. I’m close, agonizingly close, but I’m not there yet. I can easily walk without assistance now, and for most of the day I have no discernible limp. Some days, though, I am on my feet for eight hours or more, and by the end I start limping a bit.

I spent ten minutes looking for a picture of someone limping, and this was the best one I could find…

Note that this is eight hours of mostly standing. I teach martial arts and fitness for a living, and this has strained both my ability to work and my ability to heal. I try to stay as inactive as possible, given my job, but some movement is required. Indeed, virtually every move requires either an incredibly rooted stance, which puts pressure on the ankles, or a very dynamic and moving stance, which puts pressure on the ankles. It’s not a perfect situation, and I imagine I am delaying my full recovery by weeks simply by working. That said, food is good, and it does no good to heal faster if I have no money to buy food. Continue reading