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Game 10: Gavacho_Iberico-SmithyQ: My Luckiest Draw Ever

On my chess.com account, I currently have 8 losses out of just over 100 games.  I should have many more, but I have a few miracle draws and swindles to my name.  The one I show today, though, might take the cake.

I should have known this game would be a tragicomedy when, somehow, I ended up playing the French defence.  I play well and win a pawn … and then I start hallucinating and think White has major threats.  I overreact to these threats, and the next thing you know I’m in a losing endgame where White is up several pawns, one of which is two moves from Queening and mating.

And I escape.  Beware, I evidently possess dark mystical powers, because that’s the best explanation for what you are about to witness. Continue reading

July 2015 Chess Game of the Month

I figure once a month I will analyze one of my games.  This will be good practice, as analysis is perhaps the best way improve your chess game, especially if you can find and correct your mistakes.  I won’t just put down variations but will explain key and interesting positions, as that seems more useful.

This month I only played one game, so the choice is easy.  It was played at chess.com, and you find the whole game here.  I played the Black side of the Colle system, and despite getting a slightly better endgame, I could not finish off the game.  My opponent, though roughly 150 points lower rated than me, defended very well.

Without further ado, let’s look at the game. Continue reading