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Let’s Talk About Piracy

Stealing is wrong. You know that, I know that. I really know that. I have an almost pathological inability to steal. Once, when I was about eight, I went into a convenience store with my mom. We grabbed some snacks, and as we got ready to check out, I grabbed a 25 cent stick of gum. However, I don’t think my mom nor the clerk saw this, and as we walked out, I left wondering if I had just stolen something.

To this day I’m not sure if I stole this or not, but at the same, I’ve more than repaid the location with ‘tips’ and the like.

I couldn’t sleep that night. I had nightmares about stealing and jail and moral condemnation to hell and who knows what else. I freaked out a little bit. The next time I was in that stores, I tried to give the clerk my money, as a tip, but she wouldn’t accept it from a little kid. She didn’t know I was trying to right such a great universal wrong, and I wasn’t going to say I stole something, because I didn’t even know if I did in the first place. It’s been twenty years, but I still feel guilty and morose over a potential 25cent piece of gum.

Stealing, then, is unquestionably wrong. Piracy, for some reason, doesn’t have the same moral weight behind it. Continue reading

Actually Buying Music

[Note: this post is terrible, as it covers two topics, my musical tastes and online piracy, and it blurs them together because I’m a terrible writer apparently.  I heartily suggest to read one of the above links over this.]

I’ve done something in 2016 I haven’t done in literally years: pay money for music. I’ve done it twice, actually, meaning I’ve spent more money on music in the last two months than I have in the previous two years. Heck, maybe even the last decade.

A decade is a long time in the music industry.

I should probably set the record straight right now: I’m not a pirate. I don’t illegally download music, or at least not when I can help it. There were times where I had no choice, but we’ll get to that later. You see, the simple truth is that I don’t download new music, period. I simply haven’t had the need to. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Vote

The Canadian federal election occurs on October 19, and we are in the home stretch. This is shaping up to be one of the closest elections in years, perhaps ever. On the one side we have the Conservatives led by Stephen Harper, a party that has been in power for nine years but has perhaps overstayed their welcome; many feel it is a time for change. On the other side we have the Liberals, a party rarely out of power this long. They have suffered from a string of unpopular leaders and have more or less let the Conservatives waltz their way to victory in the last few elections.

It’s hard to believe the Liberals had less popular leaders than this android, but they did.

The Liberals current leader is Justin Trudeau, son of the famous Pierre Trudeau, a former Prime Minister. Opinions on him are mixed. Some feel he is capable and has politics in his blood, while others think he is nothing but a playboy who has rode his father’s famous name nearly to the top. The consensus I get is that if the Liberals had a better leader, or at least a more universal one, they would easily win the election. As it is Justin Trudeau has been the subject of many attack ads, and he is the weakest link in the Liberals election plan. Continue reading