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Using Chess To Learn About Yourself

Art imitates life. We all know this, especially if you are creative in any way. You’ll experience something, be it a cascading waterfall silhouetted by a sunset or two dogs chasing a ball and their owner’s attention, and you’ll be inspired to take action. Maybe you sketch an image or write a poem or construct a story. However you do it, the process is the same: experience something, get inspired, create something.

The same is true in reverse. Life imitates art. You see a painting, watch a movie, read a poem and something clicks. You get a fresh new perspective. Maybe you get inspired enough to take action, to do things different, or maybe you just sit back and think new, deeper thoughts. In either case, the very way you see reality has changed. Shift your perceptions and what you perceive shifts as well.

I find this interesting, as I’m a chess player. Chess is a game, but it has artistic qualities. Moreover, it’s a thinking game. It’s a direct portal into your own mind. If art imitates life, then chess definitely imitates life as well.

It’s not called the Royal Game for nothing.

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One Week of NaNoWriMo

Well, I have survived the first week of the National Novel Writing Month. I guess I should celebrate, as I’ve stuck to the plan and wrote several thousand words a day. To put that in perspective, I have almost written as much in the last seven days as I did through the entire month of June. Wow.

It doesn’t start like this, but maybe it should.

In many ways this is gone exactly as I have predicted it. The first day was tough, as I had not written fiction in several years. It took a long time and many false starts before I started finding my groove. A week later and I’m pretty much in the swing of it, though still not writing as naturally as I have in the past. I also accurately predicted that I would have less time during the week to write, simply because I work more. Write what you can during the week, make up the difference on the weekends, that’s the way things will work.

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Book Review: Thomas Mann’s Dr Faustus

Quick Look

Doctor Faustus: The Life of the German Composer Adrian Leverkuhn as Told by a Friend

Author: Thomas Mann

Genre: Fiction, Literature (unofficial classification: dense literature)

Recommendation: It’s a classic of literature, but very tough to get through.

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