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Introducing the Final Fantasy X Daily Blog

I’ve recently bought the PC port of Final Fantasy X, my all-time favourite game, and I’m thrilled.  I haven’t played it in a long time, and I immediately remember why I loved it so much.  So many memories, so much emotion, all right here.  Beautiful.

This gave me a thought: I’m almost certainly going to play this game every day until I beat it, because that’s how I roll, so why don’t I blog about it?  Every day I’ll update my progress, giving my impressions, my thoughts and all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over my upteenth runs through the main story.

Check the first post here, and find a complete collection of all the posts here.

FFX Daily Blog: Starting Out

“Listen to my story.  This may be our last chance.”

And with that, my favourite game opens up.  Everything about it: the graphics, the story, the combat, the characters, the laughing scene … okay, maybe not everything, but it’s still probably my favourite game of all time.  I’ve certainly played it the most.

I watch the beginning unfold, and I get as pumped up as I did when I first saw it some 15 years ago.  First we see the desolate landscape, a group of warriors sitting around looking morose … and then the scene shifts abruptly, to something that looks like the future, where buildings and waterfalls have become symbiotes off each other.

“Zanar,” I says to myself …

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The Dangers of Late Night YouTube

Every since my computer decided to install stupid updates over a 24-hour period, my schedule has been thrown all out of whack. I had to stay up late that night to finish my writing, which made me groggy the next day, which I overcompensated by sleeping in, which made it harder to fall asleep that night, and this then compounded onto itself until we reached last night, 11:30pm.

No. The answer is always no. God.

I’m normally in bed by this time, or if I’m still awake I’m reading or meditating or at the very least getting ready to go to bed. Last night was not normal. I was too awake to go to bed. I knew if I tried to sleep, I’d just lie awake, tossing and turning for at least the next 45min, if not more. I needed to do something before going to bed, but what? Read? Watch some random television? Play a videogame?

And that’s when YouTube beckoned. Continue reading

My SD TV Adventure, or, How Much Do Graphics Matter?

Last week I finally beat FFXIII, and though I panned the game and have no intention of ever playing it again, I can’t deny how pretty it looked. The backgrounds, the characters, the fluid animations, even individual strands of hair looked good. The game is quite old at this point, in videogame terms at least, but it still stands tall in the graphics department.

It’s just a shame those graphics were used to create such stupid characters.

When I finally finished FFXIII, I needed to wash away that experience with something classic. About a week earlier I had listened to Twilight Symphony, a re-orchestrated version of the music in Zelda: Twilight Princess. I later downloaded the free album from their website. The music by itself is incredibly, but hearing it brought back memories. I loved Twilight Princess, and you can never go wrong with a Legend of Zelda game. Yes, let’s play that. Continue reading

Finally Beating Final Fantasy XIII

I’m a completionist. If I start something, I finish it. This is especially true for videogames. If I start playing a game, I need to finish it. This is especially true if I pay full price. A bargain bin game, or something on sale, I don’t feel the same pressure to complete. When something costs $50 or more, though, I definitely want to extract every minute of value.

I’m a picky gamer, in that I don’t play too many games. I’m not one of those people with a thousand games in my backlog. I focus on classics and those with near unanimous positive reviews. I also have my favourite series and genres, and I try to play through them, warts and all. This week, I finally played through perhaps the most wart-infested game of the Final Fantasy series, XIII.

This makes the game look far better than it actually is.

Some background: I did not buy this game at launch. I didn’t even own a PS3 at that time. Reviews were mixed, to say the least, and upon hearing that I had little interest in the game. Five years later, I got a PS3, and I found FFXIII in the bargain bin, $10. Well, why not? I’ve played every other console game in the Final Fantasy series, enjoying almost all of them, so let’s complete the collection. Continue reading

The Importance of Letting Things Go

I am about the most laid-back person there is. Few things truly gets me. I generally remain calm no matter what happens. I wasn’t always like this. During public school, for instance, I was calm about some things and incredibly tense about others. The more I matured the less tense I got.

This is apparently a tense person. At least, that’s what showed up when I google image searched.

We could go even further I imagine. The less schooling I did the more relaxed I became. School had an incredible ability to draw out some of the worst in me. My insomnia, for example, often ebbed and flowed with my school workload. Some people purposely put off sleep, pulling all-nighters to finish a project the day before it’s due. This is a conscious choice. I never made this choice; I simply couldn’t fall asleep. Continue reading

How Video Games Ruined My Life

(Alternate title: Why I Majored in Philosophy)

These titles are slightly tongue-in-cheek. Videogames didn’t actually ruin my life, but they have been a big part of it. For most of my life, if you gave me a choice between video games or any other activity, I would almost certainly pick videogames. I love them, and I could play them all day. Some days that’s exactly what I did. Great fun.

What’s that? You want me to play Final Fantasy X all day? Well, if you insist.

Unlike most kids nowadays, I do not and did not play video games simply for the mindless entertainment. Many people play video games simply as an escape from reality. Well, that’s exactly what videogames are, but there can be more to it than that. I enjoy learning and overcoming challenges. A videogame done right and teach you a heck of a lot. In some cases they can even inspire you. Continue reading