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Healthy Eating Habit

I woke up today and did my normal thing. I ate my now standard breakfast of oatmeal mixed with nuts and fruit, with a cup of piping hot black tea to wash it all down. A few hours later, post workout, I had a quick snack of nuts and a banana, and shortly after I had lunch consisting of peas, corn, chicken and potatoes. I am out of salad, which is the only reason I didn’t have one as well. I’ll likely pack myself a chicken wrap for the afternoon and eat something similar to my lunch for dinner, perhaps as a stirfry this time.

Healthy AND easy to make? What a combo!

I didn’t have to think about this. It just came naturally, automatically. Well, of course in some respects I had to think about it. I had to plan when I want to eat and what I would eat and so on, but but that’s not the real issue. I knew exactly what I was going to eat: whole foods, fresh foods, healthy foods. The only question was which ones and in what way. Continue reading

One Week of Eating Healthy

I did it! I went one week without eating anything unhealthy! I can barely believe it!

Well, that’s not completely true. When I set my mind to do something I generally do it. I once gave up all TV, computer and video games for a solid month, just to prove I could do it. That first week sucked, let me tell you, as I barely knew what to do with myself. As the month went on, though, I found more and more non-electronic things to do, and by the end I didn’t even miss it.

Indeed, I basically stopped watching TV after that. I just never went back. I still watch sports, but that’s it, and even here I watch far less then I used to. As a kid, the TV was always on, even if no one were in the room. It was the default entertainment option. As a kid I watched cartoons and as I grew older I watched more and more sports, sometimes sports I didn’t even care about. I did it because I didn’t know what else to do, and I can thank that one month period for weaning me off this bad habit. Continue reading