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The Problem With Quality

This post has what might what be a controversial title. The problem with quality? How is quality a problem? If anything, the problem is usually a lack of quality. So many things are overpriced and under-deliver. I can go to the dollar store and find a thousand things that will break within five minutes of use. The problem with quality? No, the problem is no quality!

Oh Dilbert.

Yes, yes, I agree. Obviously quality is superior to a lack of quality … but that’s exactly the problem. Imagine driving a top-of-the-line sportscar, something by Ferrari. Maybe you get it for a month, all expenses paid. Rides like an absolute dream. Afterwards, though, you have to go back to driving your used economy model. It will feel terrible, clunky, awful, everything negative you can think about.

You had a taste of superb quality, and now it’s so much harder to accept mediocrity. Continue reading

Eating Clean vs Eating Healthy

I sometimes think there is nothing more simple and yet so complex as nutrition. At its core, we all know eating healthy is a good thing; we all know we should do it. We also have a pretty good idea of how to do it. Eat more good food, eat less bad food. Intuitively, we understand this. Potatoes are good, potato chips are bad. Vegetables are good, veggie thins are less good.

This fight isn’t even close.

We all know this, and if nutrition were that simple we’d all be in great shape with amazing, healthy, vibrant bodies. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Searching for ‘diet’ on Google gives approximately eighty-trillion different results. Some diets have names, like the paleo diet, and then there are variations and sub-variations of that diet: paleo with rice, pseudo-paleo, half-paleo, vegan-paleo, dinosaur-paleo, etc etc. There is extensive literature here, and that’s just one type of diet. The rabbit hole goes down seemingly forever. Continue reading

Eating to Live

Some things in life you want to savour, and others you just want to get out of the way. No one wants a trip to the dentist to last a minute longer than necessary, whereas a back rub could last forever and no one would complain. If anything, no massage lasts long enough. Hmm, I just realized I haven’t had a massage in a while…

Note to self: get a massage.

Anyway, some things are worth slowing down for. I think we all understand this, but sometimes we have trouble living in. Take food. A well-prepared meal is delicious and nutritious, and you want to savour the flavour… and yet it’s so delicious that you want to eat it as fast as possible. These two things don’t mix very well, and most people tend to either over-eat or eat too quickly, getting bloated after.

I have the exact opposite problem: I under-eat and do it very slowly. Continue reading

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat. We’ve all heard this a thousand times, even as we often ignore it. We all make poor diet choices, and we know full damn well that our sugary drinks and cookies aren’t good for us. That’s okay. I’m not hear to rant on or diet shame anyone. It is what it is. I want to focus on that phrase, though: you are what you eat.

… Am I now a cannibal?

If you eat junk food, you are going to feel like junk. I think we can all confirm this at one time or another in our lives. This means that if you don’t eat bad food, you won’t feel bad. That seems obvious, and it’s true, but we focus on this far too much. There’s a world of difference between ‘not feeling bad’ and ‘feeling good’. A huge difference.

I know, because for the last two weeks or so I’ve been living it, and it’s eye-opening. Continue reading

Three and a Half Senses

If you had to live without one of the five senses, which would it be? No one would pick sight or hearing. Those are far too important. Touch is interesting. On the one hand, you wouldn’t feel pain, but you also wouldn’t feel pleasure, like the feeling of a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer or the caress of a loved one. You also wouldn’t know when you’ve been seriously hurt. Imagine eating hot soup too quickly, burning your tongue and throat and then you wonder why you can’t talk or breath well. On the whole, you want your sense of touch.

That leaves two senses left, taste and smell. These are the least used and the least important. You can probably live a completely normal life without these. It might be a bland life, but 90% of it would be normal to an outside observer. I’m sure of this, in fact. How do I know? Well, I have lived it. I have very little sense of smell and not much more taste.

‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ is much catchier than ‘smell no evil’ or ‘taste no evil.’

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