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Beaten By The Heat

I don’t complain about how hot it gets. Yes, it’s been a heatwave for the last forever, with the temperatures in the high 30s, high humidity, all the crops are dying, the grass is far from green as possible, the very air is on fire, everyone is fed up … but I won’t complain. I refuse to complain. Hey, at least it’s not winter.

When we get sixteen feet of snow in six months, I’m blaming everyone who complained this week.

Really, I don’t mind the heat. Obviously, I’d prefer if it weren’t a million degrees outside. Normal weather would be nice, but I don’t mind the heat. I can deal with it, I can work around it. I know what to do, how to fight through the heat.

The problem is that the heat fights back, and today, despite all my best efforts, the heat beat me. It beat me badly. Continue reading

Glorious, Glorious Ice Cream

We’ve had a heatwave ravaging my city for the last week. So far it has broken records and shows no sign of stopping. Today was especially bad, as we had high temperatures, no clouds to cover the scorching hot sun and, to top it off, very high humidity. The temperatures were in the low 30s, but with the humidex it felt like the 40s.

Even people start melting at that temperature.

Unsurprisingly, work was very slow today. I’m a martial arts instructor, and even though we have a fully air-conditioned building, the last thing anyone wanted to do after braving the heat all day was go workout and sweat some more. I don’t blame them, as I didn’t want to be there myself. The heat completely knocked me out, and I was ready to nap by 4pm.

Now, that said, I’ve promised not to complain about the heat, so let’s switch gears and talk about the one positive of a heatwave: having ice cream. Continue reading