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Beaten By The Heat

I don’t complain about how hot it gets. Yes, it’s been a heatwave for the last forever, with the temperatures in the high 30s, high humidity, all the crops are dying, the grass is far from green as possible, the very air is on fire, everyone is fed up … but I won’t complain. I refuse to complain. Hey, at least it’s not winter.

When we get sixteen feet of snow in six months, I’m blaming everyone who complained this week.

Really, I don’t mind the heat. Obviously, I’d prefer if it weren’t a million degrees outside. Normal weather would be nice, but I don’t mind the heat. I can deal with it, I can work around it. I know what to do, how to fight through the heat.

The problem is that the heat fights back, and today, despite all my best efforts, the heat beat me. It beat me badly. Continue reading

Glorious, Glorious Ice Cream

We’ve had a heatwave ravaging my city for the last week. So far it has broken records and shows no sign of stopping. Today was especially bad, as we had high temperatures, no clouds to cover the scorching hot sun and, to top it off, very high humidity. The temperatures were in the low 30s, but with the humidex it felt like the 40s.

Even people start melting at that temperature.

Unsurprisingly, work was very slow today. I’m a martial arts instructor, and even though we have a fully air-conditioned building, the last thing anyone wanted to do after braving the heat all day was go workout and sweat some more. I don’t blame them, as I didn’t want to be there myself. The heat completely knocked me out, and I was ready to nap by 4pm.

Now, that said, I’ve promised not to complain about the heat, so let’s switch gears and talk about the one positive of a heatwave: having ice cream. Continue reading

Labelling Weather Good and Bad

Ah, the weather. It is the ultimate conversation tool. Meet someone knew? You’ll exchange names and pleasantries and then, 80% of the time, say, “So, how about that weather?” It’s super safe. Opening a conversation with a stranger about religion or politics or even sports can be contentious, but not the weather. Nobody objects when you talk about sunny skies.

I find this somewhat amusing, simply because we are such inconsistent creatures. I had a conversation with a co-worker the other day, and we of course talked about the weather. “Figures,” he said, glancing with disgust at the projected forecast. “We’re going to get bad weather just as the weekend starts.” It’s true. We’re supposed to get rain and thunderstorms all day Saturday and Sunday.

Notice the word he used, though. ‘Bad’ weather. He called rain bad … even when all of our lawns look like this:

It feels like the Savannah. I’m expecting a lioness to spring out at any moment.

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Remember, It’s Not Winter

My region has recently been hit with a heatwave. It’s been hot to very hot every day for about a week, plus it’s been a very warm summer so far. I walked outside to check the mail and nearly got heatstroke. Sweat falls in buckets even when you stay in the shade. Ice cream is the nectar of the Gods, though you have about two minutes to eat it before it turns into a milkshake.

That won’t be a problem.

I’ve heard countless people say it’s too hot. They complain every time they have to brave the outdoors, away from their air-conditioned palaces. They actively want it to be colder. They wish it were colder. Not me. You’ll never hear me say that. The spit inside my mouth could be boiling, the oceans could evaporate, the atmosphere itself could ignite and I’d still be okay with it.

Because, hey, at least it’s not winter. Continue reading

Delivering Flyers

School has ended, which puts me in an interesting spot. Not that I’m attending school, no. I’m a martial arts instructor, and the vast majority of our students attend school. In addition, we regularly teach at a private school. Now that school is over, our schedule has been completely changed.

Also, kids everywhere rejoice. There are few things better than being 10 and having summer vacation.

Many people go away for the summer, whether on vacations or activity camps, and a good chunk never come back to karate. That’s just part of the after-school niche. If people take a break, even a small one, it becomes very hard to break that inertia and come back. To counter this, our dojo has its biggest marketing blitz throughout the summer, attempting to bring in new students to replace the ones we will inevitably lose.

Part of that marketing blitz involves delivering flyers door-to-door. That’s what I got to do that. Joy. Continue reading

More Computer Surgery: Installing Liquid Cooling

I’m not technologically savvy. I think I’ve established that by this point. I mean, I want to be, but there’s a yearning abyss separating my desire and my ability. I can’t help but think that learning more about electronics, especially computers, would make my life so much easier. I only discovered what an HDMI cable was a few years ago. No, I’m not making this up.

Meet my old TV. No, it didn’t have high-definition capabilities.

Still, I’m capable of surprises. Roughly two years ago, I built my own gaming PC from scratch. Not bad, right? I did all the research, compared all the parts, watched six-thousand YouTube tutorials and, voila, I made a working computer. Honestly, that’s one of proudest accomplishments … up until I realized I hadn’t hooked up any of the fans. Oops. It took a day, but I fixed that problem, or as best as I could.

Today, I go one step further: I upgrade from fans to liquid cooling. Continue reading

Drowning in Humidity

I try not to complain about the weather, especially in the summer. You’ll never hear me say it’s too hot out. It could be +50C in the shade, the oceans could boil, spit could evaporate before it even hits the ground and I’d just stand there, sweat pouring from my brow, nodding stoically. Hey, at least it’s not winter.


That’s basically it. I live in Canada, where for half the year we suffer under the weight of snow, hail and frost. It’s ridiculously cold out, so cold I wonder how life ever formed in these desolate lands. I spend every waking moment wishing fervently it wasn’t winter, wasn’t so cold, and now that I’ve got my wish, now that it’s hot out, how can I then say it’s too hot? I can’t. I’ve picked my poison, and I’ve sided with hot weather over cold weather.

In truth, I don’t even mind the hot weather. I can stand the heat. It’s the humidity that gets me. Continue reading

The Trials of Having a Shower

I had a shower today, as I do most days. Not every day, no. Not every day requires a shower. I know some people bristle at this. These people are generally germophobes. The difference between being 97% clean and 100% clean is virtually zero. Okay, technically it is 3%, but most people don’t go crazy over 3% of anything. If you saw Black Friday sale with 3% off, you wouldn’t even notice, except perhaps how terrible it is.

Doesn’t have the same ring as the 1%.

Did you know if you touch a pile of bacteria, wash your hand and then touch that same pile again, you will have more bacteria on your hand the second time? That’s right. When you wash your hands, your move all the bacteria, good and bad, from your hand, so when you touch the original pile of bacteria again, you have more room for the bacteria to cling to. Continue reading

Excuses and Hot Summer Days

There is nothing easier to make than an excuse. If you ever don’t want to do something, you can find millions of reasons to not do that thing. They multiply like rabbits. Most people have multiple excuses. The traffic was bad, the baby was sick, the weather was rainy, I had a poor sleep, I’m tired, I didn’t eat much, I don’t feel like it. Once you have enough excuses, they win by sheer weight.

As a martial arts instructor, I see this all the time. Specifically, this week. We’ve had the first heat wave of the summer recently, and that has lowered attendance almost by half. People go through the day, working and playing in +30C weather, not to mention rampant humidity, and they use all their energy up. By the time evening rolls around, they have nothing left for karate.

Seems logical. But we need to ask, is this a good excuse?
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