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Why is Soccer so Popular?

For the last month I’ve been inundated with soccer propaganda. With the NBA and NHL playoffs over, and MLB still relatively early, there isn’t much for the average North American sports nut to watch… except for soccer. Some tournament or something is happening right now, and all the shows and websites have highlights, sometimes even as the main story! Talk about a first for TSN.

When I make small talk with people, it’s turned to soccer lately. “Have you seen the latest match?” Or they discuss breathlessly the latest 1-0 game. Around my city, a moderate-sized Canadian city, I’ve seen various country flags and jerseys adorning cars and people like. People are really into this, to the point the television monitor at work, normally reserved for breaking news, has been airing the games.

It’s been thrilling…

Soccer is incredibly popular … and yet whenever I try to watch I game, I can only wonder “how?”

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My 2015 Year in Review

Today the world says goodbye to 2015, but before we do that, it’s always beneficial to look back at where we came from. At the beginning of the year I had three main goals involving my flexibility, my chess and my writing. I had some ups and downs, but mostly ups, and I can end the year feeling pretty good about my efforts. I also went through some interesting personal developments.

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Stretching After Not Stretching for Awhile

My goal at the beginning of the year was to get the splits. I have always wanted the splits, ever since I first learned boys could do the splits. For some reason, society has this idea that men and boys cannot do the splits. I’ve heard people say it is impossible, though all the gymnasts, dancers and NHL goalies clearly prove it otherwise. Some people ask why I want to accomplish something so ‘unnatural,’ as if the human body were not designed to move this way.

There’s nothing unnatural about James Reimer!

Perhaps the most telling, there is one person, someone I quite respect, say that there is absolutely no reason for a man to do the splits. It is simply unnecessary. I should point out that this person cannot touch his toes, let alone do the splits, so that might colour his bias. His argument, of course, is invalid. Why does anyone do any feat of strength above and beyond what is necessary for everyday life? There are many reasons, but sense of accomplishment is one. The same is true for flexibility. Continue reading

The Second Main Disadvantage of Teaching Martial Arts

I teach martial arts, and by and large it’s awesome. Every day got to come in and do it I love, and I do it with other people who love it as well. On a day-to-day basis, life doesn’t get much better than that. That said, it’s not an absolutely perfect life. Every job has some drawbacks, and this one is no exception.

I have no idea why these captions exist for this particular pic … or why she is kicking with her hands down.

I wrote previously about this, how perhaps the main disadvantage of teaching martial arts is injury. If you are an accountant or lawyer and happened to break your ankle, that’s unfortunate, but you can still largely do your job. If you teach martial arts, you’re kinda screwed. Fortunately, I don’t get hurt very often, but when I do I tend to do a number on myself. Note to self: don’t get injured. Continue reading

Every Day Above Ground is a Good Day

I am so happy today. I had to wake up nearly two hours early to attend an early morning meeting. I had to walk there, and the weather was very crisp. Crisp, of course, is just a euphemism for cold. Thankfully it’s not yet the cold of the Canadian winter but only the cold of the Canadian fall. I could see my breath and I had to dress in layers, but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. The smile on my face made it feel several degrees warmer.

Why was I so happy? Because I could walk without pain. No early-morning meeting or chilly weather could possibly dent the pure joy of this moment.

I’m rarely this happy on a cold day, but here I was.

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It’s Good to Be Back

They say you don’t truly appreciate something until it is gone. When it comes to my ankle injury it’s 100% true. I spent one whole week completely resting, not completely by choice. I couldn’t walk for three days, and even then it was quite painful. I could do nothing but sit and wait to heal. Necessary, but not the most fun thing in the world.

This got old after the first day, nevermind the whole week.

To be completely honest, I felt mentally and emotionally terrible, far worse than I felt physically. If I kept my foot iced and elevated it didn’t even hurt. Moving hurt, but that was easily solved by not moving. By the fifth day even the pain wasn’t that bad. I no longer needed my pain medication. I could deal with it. The mental side, though, was much harder. Continue reading

A New Appreciation for Baths

I’ve had more baths in the last week than I’d had in the last five years. This was out of necessity due to my injury. Having a shower with a sprained ankle is likely a recipe to get a new sprained ankle. I thought about it, I really did, but good judgment won out instead. Still, I needed to get clean, so I fired up the tub and got a bath ready.

It was just as relaxing as this.

This was a fantastic experience, easily the highlight of my week. I’m not exaggerating. Part of it was simply my ankle. Submerging it in heat for over an hour really seemed to help. My foot hurt less and I could walk more afterwards. What’s not to like? The second part, though, was simply that a bath was fun. I had bubbles and scented soap in what felt like a mini hot tub. It was great. Continue reading

Living with a Cane

I spent this entire week recovering from an injury. I want to write ‘serious injury’ but that doesn’t seem right. Getting hit by a car is a serious injury. Stepping wrong and doing something to your ankle doesn’t seem as serious in comparison. That said, I did quite a bit of damage with that one step. I had massive bruising on my upper ankle, I strained some ligaments on my outer ankle and I lightly strained my Achilles. That’s an impressive list, and even today it is an impressive sight.

Note that this is nearly a week after the injury. It looked much worse.

That said, I’m tired of writing about my injury, so instead I’m going to write about living. Specifically, I can only use one leg for all intents and purposes, and it makes living rather interesting. Perhaps you’ve injured a finger before, maybe your pinky finger. You won’t think much of it at the time, but you’ll be surprised how many daily activities suddenly become problematic because of that pinky. You can imagine how much worse it is when you cannot use an entire foot. I’m going to document some of the bigger things I noticed. Continue reading

Tired Eyes

This is difficult to write as I’m trying not to look at the screen. I’ll explain in a moment.

I appear to have sprained my ankle. I may also have an Achilles strain, as the entire back section of my leg remains tight and resists any movement or pressure. I currently cannot stand without assistance, and I’m taking some pain medication every few hours. It’s not an incredibly happy time for me.

I’m not the yellow ball today … or the last few days.

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September 2015 Updates

September is finally over.  Thank God.

No point in sugar coating this.  September was my worst month of the year, by far.  First I hurt my elbow, then I hurt my ankle, and then I really hurt my ankle.  If something could go wrong, it did go wrong, at least physically.  This negatively affected my mood, naturally, and other areas of my life suffered as a result.  Not a happy place, but now September is over and October doesn’t have to do much to make it a more positive month.

Here were my goals for this month.  Let’s see how badly I failed them:

  • keep stretching!
  • get chess tactics rating over 2000 again
  • start new Smirnov course, put in 24+ hours of study again
  • write 35,000+ words, averaging over 1,000 a day

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