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Happy Birthday to Me! 2017 Edition

Let’s cut straight to the chase: the earth revolved around the sun again, and I’m now another year older.  Woo.

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I don’t know how old I am.  I was born in 1985, so do the math if you really care.

I’ve got absolutely nothing planned, because it’s a Monday.  My sister told me she’d physically assault me if I don’t come over for dinner, so there might be a small celebration tonight.  More likely she’ll just tease me, because my family is awesome and that’s how we roll.  Anyway, another year down, another year stronger.  Good job me. Continue reading

Getting a Blackbelt is Like Getting a Degree, but Which One?

The term ‘blackbelt’ has become recognized worldwide as a sign of martial arts excellence. That said, people have vastly different ideas of what it means to be a blackbelt, and nowhere is this more true than within the martial arts itself. Some people have very vocal opinions: this person shouldn’t have a blackbelt or isn’t good enough, or more commonly, that person got his or her blackbelt too quickly.

I got this last criticism at my first tournament as a blackbelt. I had mentioned to someone that I had just recently got my blackbelt, that I was a blackbelt noobie so to speak. She asked me how long I had been training, and I said four years. I remember she made a face and said, completely serious, “Wow, your instructor really rushed you, huh?”

If I were younger and a baby and a blonde, this would have been my face.

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