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Outrunning the Voice Inside Your Head

I’ve been following a running schedule for the first time, and so far the results have been fantastic. I’m running faster and with less huffing and puffing. I’m also less sore the day after. Now that I think about it, I haven’t had a single running related ouchie, be it shin splints, stubbed toes or anything. You can’t ask much more from a running program.

Okay, so I haven’t broken the 4min mile, or even the four minute kilometre, but progress is still progress.

I run three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The distance and intensity varies week to week. Today I was supposed to run a nice easy 5k, keeping a comfortable pace the entire time. The 5k is my favourite distance, neither too long nor too short. There was just one small problem.

I woke up and didn’t feel like running. At all. Uh oh, crisis. Continue reading

The Dangers of Late Night YouTube

Every since my computer decided to install stupid updates over a 24-hour period, my schedule has been thrown all out of whack. I had to stay up late that night to finish my writing, which made me groggy the next day, which I overcompensated by sleeping in, which made it harder to fall asleep that night, and this then compounded onto itself until we reached last night, 11:30pm.

No. The answer is always no. God.

I’m normally in bed by this time, or if I’m still awake I’m reading or meditating or at the very least getting ready to go to bed. Last night was not normal. I was too awake to go to bed. I knew if I tried to sleep, I’d just lie awake, tossing and turning for at least the next 45min, if not more. I needed to do something before going to bed, but what? Read? Watch some random television? Play a videogame?

And that’s when YouTube beckoned. Continue reading

My Bad Habits: Laundry

On the whole I’m a pretty good person, and I generally do good things. I don’t have any of the common bad habits, such as smoking, binge eating or biting my nails. My biggest vice, I think, would be that I occasionally spend too much time playing videogames, and I haven’t played a minute so far this week. If that’s the worst thing I do any given day, I’m doing alright.

Unfortunately, while I don’t do terrible things, I occasionally do less than ideal things. I’ve covered my excessive eating in front of my computer before. Now it’s time for part two of my ‘bad’ habits: laundry. In short, I don’t do it. Of course, that wouldn’t make for a particularly informative blog post, so let’s go deeper down the laundry whole.

Be careful, it runs deep.

Continue reading

Struggling With Motivation

Something rather terrible has happened the last three days. Well, maybe terrible is an exaggeration. It’s not as if anyone died or had any health complications. In fact, not a heck of a lot has happened, but that’s exactly the problem. For three days I’ve done not a heck of a lot. I’ve went to work … and that’s it. I have done nothing else.

If I had mad photoshop skills, I’d change that to 24 hours.

I have goals. I was super excited to start 2016 and  to start realizing them. For the first five days or so, I absolutely rocked them. I did everything I wanted to and then some. Then I had a busy day at work and seemingly lost any sense of motivation or desire. I have been ‘relaxing’ for three days. Nothing wrong with taking some time to yourself, but 72 hours is a little excessive. I need to get back on track … but I seemingly have to force myself. I have lost all motivation, somehow. Continue reading

Words to Live by, Part Two

No point in hiding it: when I woke up this morning, I didn’t feel like doing anything. It took me about 40 minutes to crawl out of bed, go the bathroom and eat breakfast. I then spent about 20 minutes just sitting and staring. Not anything particular, just sitting and staring. I guess when you don’t feel like doing anything, that’s about all that you can do.

I was supposed to do my workout today. I do two full-body workouts each week, Wednesday and Sunday. That leaves maximal amount of time in between to rest and recover, and it also gives me time to do an extra workout or something else if I have extra energy. I train at a pretty intense level, though, so I really use those recovery days. I train with such intensity, in fact, but I had no desire today to do that. I wouldn’t do a good job with my current mental mindset. Continue reading