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I Don’t Know How Tall I Am

I don’t know how tall I am. I used to, or I thought I did. I’m fairly tall, often the tallest person in any room I enter, and people occasionally ask me how tall I am. I replied 6′ 2, though I have no idea why. I was never measured. I never took a tape measure out. At one point I was pronounced as six feet tall, and then I got a little bigger and then a little bigger and so I must be 6’2 right?

It’s hard to be sure, because there’s apparently a big difference between 6’1 and and 6’3.

This completely random number nonetheless seemed confirmed when I asked other people how tall they were. Someone would say 6’6 and they are definitely taller than me, so that makes sense. Another person is 5’10, and I’m taller than that person by about the same as the other guy is taller than me. Yup, I must be 6’2.

Then I realized, almost in a flash, people lie about their heights, and suddenly my whole world was turned upside down. Okay, not really, but I definitely don’t know how tall I am. Continue reading

I’m a Terrible Liar

“Honesty is the best policy.” We’ve all heard this before. It’s something our mothers said all the time. Nobody likes a flatter, or at least an obvious one. If you look at the traits people want in a partner, honesty is one of the biggest ones. Everyone wants to hear the truth … at least in theory.

Those Russians have some good proverbs.

In practice, we often face the exact opposite situation. The truth can hurt people. If someone asks, “Do you like my new haircut?” and you think it’s hideous, what do you say? If you tell the truth, you can wound that person, potentially even ruining a friendship. Is a little white lie that much of a problem? Does it really matter? Is the truth more important than a person’s sense of self-worth?

I find these questions interesting, partly because lying is so foreign to me. You see, I almost never lie because I’m a terrible liar. Continue reading