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Celebrating One Year of Blogging!

YEE-HAW! I’ve done it! I’ve gone a complete year of writing every single day!!

I’m not sure which of these cats describes me best. Probably all of them.

On June 1st, 2015, I made a committment. I said I’d publish a new blog post every single day. I said I would do it for the summer, two months. That seemed reasonable. Two months then became four. Winter came and went and still I was writing, still I was publishing. My daily streak kept growing and growing, and now, today, I’ve done something I would have thought completely impossible one year ago.

I’ve gone 365 days of writing. Everyday. Non-stop. For a year. Wow. Continue reading

Breaking Down How I Win Chess Games

First, let me celebrate.  I recently reached the 2100 rating mark … and then immediately lost a game to fall below it … then had a few draws … then I won and now I’m back over 2100!  It’s by exactly one point, but I’ll take it.

Over 2100

Just a few years ago, I had been stuck at 1800 most of my life. To have my rating now over 2000, let alone over 2100, is like a dream come true.

When I broke the 2000 barrier for the first time last year, I wrote a post examining exactly how I did it.  That is, I looked at every single victory and classified it by type.  For instance, sometimes I won by a mating attack, sometimes by an endgame advantage, and sometimes my opponents just hung material and I took it.  It was a good experience, and quite eye-opening.  I learned a lot about myself…

… and then I wondered, if this were so useful only looking at one year’s worth of games, how much more insight would I get from looking at ALL my games?  The thought never left my head, and after nearly three months of work, I present to you my findings.  It’s pretty awesome. Continue reading

How I Got My Chess Rating to 2000


My rating is over 9000! Er, I mean, 2000!

Over the weekend, instead of watching the Superbowl, I mostly played chess.  I play correspondence chess, and I had a few opponents on at roughly the same time.  We exchanged moves quickly, or as quickly as correspondence chess allows, and soon I had three games approaching the 40th move.  I had a growing advantage in all three, and suddenly all three were over.

In the aftermath of all the resignations, amid the smoke and smouldering rubble, I peeked at my rating: 2005.  I had done it!  I had accomplished one of my long-standing chess goals! Continue reading

Celebrating 200 Days of Blogging!

On June 1st, 2015, I made a commitment: I said I would publish a new blog post everyday. Not write a post, not write a draft, not work on it a little bit. No, I would write and publish something new everyday.

I think I’m becoming a better writer.

This was designed to get me out of my writing funk. I originally started this blog as a way to write more. It was my New Year’s resolution, actually, to get back to writing, something I hadn’t done in far too long. A blog should be fun, and I guess it was … but I only wrote two or three times a month. If I wanted to get better at writing, I’d have to write a whole lot more than that. Continue reading

New Chess Milestone: Over 1900!

I wrote yesterday that I had a really good day.  I wrote that before the best news happened: I reached a new personal chess milestone, hitting over 1900 rating for the first time ever.

Real life milestones are a lot different and less motivational than personal milestones.

I had the day off, so I mostly sat at my computer playing chess.  I play correspondence chess at chess.com, and two other opponents were logged in at the same time.  We traded moves back and forth, and in the end I won all four games, two against each with both colours.  In doing so, my rating ballooned all the way past 1900. Continue reading