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July 2016 Game of the Month: Beating My First Titled Player

Back in April I was this close to beating my first ever titled player … and then I threw it all away in one move.  Opps.  I wrote about that devastation and heartbreak last month.  This month, I managed to make up for that, so to speak, as I beat my first ever titled player!  Woot!

On the downside, the game itself isn’t that interesting.  White basically falls for an opening trap, and that’s it.  GG.  That’s a shame, because this month I played some really interesting positions … but none of them were my first ever victory against a titled master.  Oh well, this game has historical value if nothing else.

Let’s take a look. Continue reading

My Opening Evolution: Playing Against 1.e4

If you hear a seasoned chess player talk about chess, it’s usually one of two things: either about famous players or openings. What else is there to talk about? Everybody has his or her own favourite player, be it the dauntless Tal or the dominating Capablanca or the demolishing Fischer. Finding your favourite player is generally pretty easy as well. Go through a collection of famous games, see one that catches your eye and presto, your favourite player.

For the record, my favourite player is Siegbert Tarrasch.

Openings, though, are completely different. While you might enjoy going through your favourite player’s games, you need to play your own openings. You need to study hard and memorize lines if you want to avoid opening traps, especially in the heavy theoretical lines. Each opening is different, leading to different positions, and it can seem overwhelming. Where to start? Which is best? How can I possibly know any of this? Continue reading