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A Rant on Openings

I have a rant today. I apologize in advance.

Making this expression makes it feel better. Honestly.

Recently, the Remote Chess Academy released a new course on the Bogo-Indian opening. I have nothing against this. In fact, I highly approve such opening courses, and I hope we see more in the future. I have nothing against the course. Rather, it is the reasoning behind making the course that infuriates me. Continue reading

My Favourite Chess Opening Tool, Chess Position Trainer

When it comes to chess literature, opening manuals are by the most common and popular. Whenever I visit the chess section at a bookstore, I see a token endgame book, a few general manuals, the current flavour of the month and then rows and rows of opening books. Arguably there are more books on openings than what is good for us, but it’s certainly a lot of fun.

Maybe you have fallen down this rabbit hole yourself. Maybe your chess games keep reaching the same sterile positions. You start yawning, as you’ve played this position a thousand times and need something new. A quick search later and you find books that promise unique positions, easy-to-learn systems and quick wins if you memorize just a few lines.

Unfortunately, if you are anything like me, you don’t study most of the book. You leaf through it, look at the main conclusion, get a general idea and then hope things works out. Honestly, it’s hard going through 200 pages of analysis, even if most of it is prose. That is a lot to absorb and remember. It’s hard. This is why I sucked at openings for virtually my entire life, but that changed thanks to one great tool, Chess Position Trainer. Continue reading

Review of Grandmaster’s Opening Lab 2

Quick Look


Grandmaster’s Opening Lab 2

Topic: How to play the Opening

My View: Absolutely fantastic; universal opening instruction

Size: 270mb, over 5 hours (!) of lectures, and a very decent opening repertoire

Get it here: The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory 2

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Review of GM Smirnov’s Opening Lab 1

Quick Look

411Grandmaster’s Opening Laboratory 1

Topic: Opening Preparation, Opening Repertoire

My View: Decent; beyond my current level, and likely most people as well.  Should not get for only the opening repertoire

Size: 60mb, nearly 2hrs of video lecture, lots of opening lines

Purchase it here: The Grandmaster’s Openings Laboratory

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