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The Rush From Overcoming Obstacles

For the last week I’ve been on a bit of a health and fitness binge, at least as far as this blog goes. I wrote about how eating healthy makes life and workouts better, about how much I like fitness and about how much I really like fitness. You can see a pattern, and it’s no accident. In fact, that pattern will continue today, but in a slightly different form.

Yes, another excuse to post fractal patterns!

There’s a reason I’ve been so gung-ho about this, and it’s because one day I really didn’t want to do my workout. I had about eight-thousand excuses, and I listened to them. I agreed: today would not be a good day for a workout. The problem was if not today, when? The rest of my week is booked solid with commitments, and if I leave it until the weekend I’ve gone a whole week without. That’s not good.

What is a man to do? Well, I went all excuse-busters, and now everything is coming up Milhouse. Continue reading

My Ultimate Fitness End Goal

I wrote the other day about my love-affair with fitness. Workout out, stretching, gaining strength, I love all of it. Most people don’t. Most people just want the final product. If there were a way to six-pack abs without stepping foot in a gym, most people jump on it. Take a pill and have a sculpted body? Yes please, for most people at least. Well, in all honesty I’d probably do that too, but I’d still do my workouts after.

Yeah, I’m tempted to go for this …

I’m a crazy nut that enjoys the workout as a workout, not just for the results they bring. The challenge of doing 100 pushups or 100 burpees or a 5k run in 20min seems enjoyable in itself. I embrace that challenge, even if it sucks at times. Overcoming these challenges is what makes fitness in general so interesting, I think. You can always set new challenges. You can always raise the bar.

For myself, I’ve set that bar pretty high. Continue reading

You Are What You Eat

You are what you eat. We’ve all heard this a thousand times, even as we often ignore it. We all make poor diet choices, and we know full damn well that our sugary drinks and cookies aren’t good for us. That’s okay. I’m not hear to rant on or diet shame anyone. It is what it is. I want to focus on that phrase, though: you are what you eat.

… Am I now a cannibal?

If you eat junk food, you are going to feel like junk. I think we can all confirm this at one time or another in our lives. This means that if you don’t eat bad food, you won’t feel bad. That seems obvious, and it’s true, but we focus on this far too much. There’s a world of difference between ‘not feeling bad’ and ‘feeling good’. A huge difference.

I know, because for the last two weeks or so I’ve been living it, and it’s eye-opening. Continue reading

Why I Don’t Lift Weights

When it comes to fitness, I’m a freak. Unless I’m sick or injured, I do something active every single day. If I’m not doing a workout I’m stretching or running or jumping and playing around. I sometimes do random cartwheels just for fun. I do all this in the morning and then go teach martial arts and fitness classes all evening. When I get home, I usually start to relax, but even here all throw in extra mobility work or do some foam rolling on the odd occasion. Being fit makes me happy, and I try to do as much as possible.

Despite all that, there is one thing I never do, and that is lift weights.

No, I don’t.

People often find this amusing. Here I am, a fitness professional and a paragon for healthy living, and I never lift weights. It’s perhaps the quintessential fitness activity, the first thing people imagine when they think of getting in shape. Most of my students know I have strong legs, and one asked how much I could squat. I could only reply, honestly, that I had no idea. I have never done a weighted squat. Continue reading

Healthy Eating Habit

I woke up today and did my normal thing. I ate my now standard breakfast of oatmeal mixed with nuts and fruit, with a cup of piping hot black tea to wash it all down. A few hours later, post workout, I had a quick snack of nuts and a banana, and shortly after I had lunch consisting of peas, corn, chicken and potatoes. I am out of salad, which is the only reason I didn’t have one as well. I’ll likely pack myself a chicken wrap for the afternoon and eat something similar to my lunch for dinner, perhaps as a stirfry this time.

Healthy AND easy to make? What a combo!

I didn’t have to think about this. It just came naturally, automatically. Well, of course in some respects I had to think about it. I had to plan when I want to eat and what I would eat and so on, but but that’s not the real issue. I knew exactly what I was going to eat: whole foods, fresh foods, healthy foods. The only question was which ones and in what way. Continue reading

November 2015 Updates

I think I said this in October, but this month was a transition experience.  Last month, I went from injured to back to regular life, albeit slowly.  This month, I aimed to get back to normal, and I believe I did.  Right now, as I write this, I feel back to 100%

That said, I actually managed to fail almost all of my monthly goals!  Here they are again:

  • start light workouts, keep ankle happy
  • write a novel!
  • try for 100k words
  • get chess Tactic rating back over 2000
  • finish my chess games

Continue reading

Ultimate Frisbee Weekend

I played ultimate frisbee this weekend. I’m actually on a team, as crazy as that may seem. I vaguely know what ultimate frisbee is, but I have a friend who is super into the sport. He actually competes on a touring team, and he recently came back from a national-level tournament. It doesn’t get much more real than that. He constantly talks about frisbee, and I decided to join his team.

By ‘decided to join his team,’ I of course mean I said yes so he would stop asking me every second day.

I should point out that I am not a national-level frisbee player. Not even close. Give me a 10 foot throw and I could probably do it 90% of the time. Extend that to 20 feet, though, my accuracy likely dips below 50%, and anything beyond that would be pure luck. Continue reading

No More Mucous, No More Bad Food

I have good news: I didn’t cough up any mucus today! Perhaps you had no desire to know this, and for that I apologize. For me, though, I couldn’t be happier. For the past three weeks, I’ve been minding my business, doing regular everyday things, when suddenly I would start coughing. One cough, two coughs, and then after a little hork I’d taste the wonderful sensation of fresh mucous in the back of my mouth. This repeated itself daily, sometimes hourly, for nearly 20 days.

I was going to post an image of mucous, but after a quick search I decided to spare you that. Now to need to have a shower.

I know exactly why. It’s from that damned blizzard. That delicious, delicious blizzard. I would love to have another one, right now in facts… except I know it nearly killed me. It is only today that I am symptom-free from that sugar monster.

Let me recap this quickly. Within 40 minutes of finishing my ice cream treat, the sugar crash hit me. A three hour nap temporarily revived my sagging spirits, but it was all downhill from there. I developed the worst headache I’ve had in years, and I even ran a slight fever for the next three days. I couldn’t think, I had no energy, I simply felt like crap. I missed a whole week of workouts, something I don’t even do when I’m on vacation. That one blizzard gave me 10 minutes of joy and over a week of sorrow. Continue reading

Caring about Cars vs Caring about Ourselves

I know very little about cars. The topic bores me to tears, honestly. It holds absolutely no appeal for me. During conversations, if friends start talking about cars or vehicles or maintenance, my eyes start to glaze over. It’s funny, because I like understanding how things work, and automobiles are very interesting, complex systems. For some reason, it just doesn’t work for me.

No, please, tell me more about your carburetor problems. It’s so fascinating.

My dojo is located between three different automobile locations. One is a Meineke, a place that specializes in repairs. The second is a privately owned windows and glass-care small business, specializing in windshields and repairs of that nature. The final business is a car cleaner and fine detailing place. Actually, now that I think about it, the last business specializes in audio equipment, and their main niche is outfitting cars. Wow. It’s like this entire small block is dedicated to something I actually don’t care about. Continue reading

I Sweat A Lot

The hottest week of the year continues for Southern Ontario. Every day has been above 30C, but more importantly the humidity has been through the roof. Some days feel closer to 40C, even in the shade. Things have crawled to a standstill. People walk slower, talk slower, do everything slower. It’s truly debliterating.

Suggestions to add to the top: obscene, fusion, Proof of Global Warming

That said, I have promised never to complain about the weather. Nope, not in Canada. In six months time it will be winter (ugh) and likely -30C with piles of snow as far as the eye can see, which won’t be very far because snowbanks will be in the way. In January, +30C will seem like heaven. I actually have a theory that the weather obeys our wishes, but it has a six month delay. So we spend all winter wishing it were hotter, and six months later the weather grants our wish … and then we lament the heatwave and wish it were colder, and the cycle repeats itself forever. Continue reading