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It’s Okay to Make Mistakes

Nobody likes making mistakes. That’s obvious, but it goes even deeper than that. People hatre making mistakes. People would go to huge lengths to avoid mistakes, and I’m talking about absurdities here. There are people that would rather do nothing, and thus never make a mistake, then try and allow for that possibility.

Believe me, I know, because I’ve lived it and I see it every day.

I’m a martial arts instructor, and perhaps the hardest part of my job is getting people to see, accept and even welcome mistakes. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s the truth. People don’t get better by doing things perfectly. As I often say, if everyone could already do this, then I wouldn’t have a job. My job is to find your mistakes and get rid of them, to make you better. If you hide and don’t allow your mistakes to surface, then you are forever stuck in mediocrity.

There can be no growth without mistakes.

That’s the secret right there. If you never make a mistake, then you never get any better. Continue reading

The Feeling and Illusion of Progress

Progress is a great and terrible thing. Great, because it always feels good to get better at something. You put in time and effort and start getting results. Maybe you’re learning a new skill or making gains at the gym, whatever, progress is amazing. It’s unfortunate, then, that it happens in such a haphazard way.

You see, we naturally think of progress as a slope, a straight line travelling ever up and anon. That makes sense, right? You put in X number of hours, you should get X amount of benefit. It’s simple math, and math is never wrong, right?

How we think about progress.

Unfortunately, progress isn’t a straight line. Sometimes you put almost no time in at all and make huge improvements, but then things slow down and no matter how many hours you put in you don’t get anymore. Worse, sometimes it feels like you’re trending backwards, that things are getting worse.

How progress really works… more or less.

This is why progress is both great and terrible. When you are trending up, nothing feels better … and when you are not, nothing feels worse. Continue reading

Words to Live By, Part One

There are lots of good quotes or sayings out there. I’ve always been found of witticisms and puns. There’s a certain delight in finding that golden ratio of rhythm, timing and punch that all the best quotes have. Here, though, I am not talking about these types of quotes. They may amuse you for a moment, but you quickly forget them. Instead, I wish to share some sayings that have pushed me forward and really shaped the person I am. Today I will share perhaps the most important one for me personally, and I hope it is as inspirational for you as it has been for me.

“You Can Do Anything, But You Cannot Do Everything” — David Allen Continue reading