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Game 5: SmithyQ – Elboricura: Punishing Disregard for Opening Principles

More ink has been spilled on chess openings than any other part of the game, and it’s easy to think it’s some mystical thing, too deep to understand.  It really isn’t.  For 98% of opening positions, Basic Opening Principles explain exactly what to do.  They aren’t a secret.  Here they are.

  1. Develop pieces, preferably Knights before Bishops.
  2. Make as few pawn moves as necessary.
  3. Castle quickly.
  4. Do NOT move the same piece twice.
  5. Do NOT bring the Queen out early.

That’s the opening in a nutshell.  The vast majority of my games stick to this.  Openings really can be this simple.  Violating opening principles is a surefire way to lose quickly.  That’s what happened here, in my fifth game since returning to chess. Continue reading