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In Praise of Flamebreak

Steam recently had their big summer sale, where you can get quality, quality games for a fraction of their retail prices. Shadow of Mordor, the game of the year of 2014, for $15, plus all DLC included?  Yes please.  Even recent games have excellent deals, and you can easily buy enough games to last you the rest of the year, all for pennies on the dollar.


That said, lost in all the big studio savings are the so-called indie titles, games developed from much smaller studios, sometimes just a couple guys in a basement. Yes, these games sometimes feel as if, well, they were developed by a random guy in a basement, but others are real things of beauty. At their best, they have that pure, innocent fun that the golden years of gaming had, proving you don’t need hyper-realistic graphics and voice-acting to make a good game.

Of all the games I’ve bought recently, I think the indie title Flamebreak may be my favourite. Really, it’s an amazing game. Continue reading