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June 2016 Month in Review

June has been a rollercoaster, mostly in the up and down sense.  It started with grim determination … and then I immediately got sick and had all my plans thrown into chaos.  I spent two weeks getting back to normal, and once normal I resumed my grim determination to make myself the best person I can be … and so far it’s working.

I briefly experimented with using ‘themed days’ throughout the week, so one day devoted entirely to fitness, another entirely to chess, etc etc.  This lasted for about a week before I hated it and went back to my old standard of doing a little bit of everything every day, and I’m much happier for it.

Still, it’s been strange, as I’ve spent half the month basically recovering from sickness and other half trying to go full speed ahead, which is a strange dichotomy.  I don’t know if it affected me in any way, but it’s been a mental grind at times. Continue reading

Fitness Post Sickness

There are about 50,000 reasons getting sick sucks, but if you’re at all active, losing endurance is a big one. Seriously, it’s almost unfair. You can train diligently for months, never missing a day, putting in 100% effort … and then you get sick for a week, come back and it’s like starting all over again. Your old warmup now completely annihilates you. Fun.

Recovering from an illness is an art, an art most people don’t know. As a martial arts instructor, I see this all the time, especially with the adults. Someone will get sick for a bit, then come back and feel completely drained. What do they do? They either just stay home and soon quit, or they try to meet their old standards, get exhausted and fail … and then take a minute to catch their breath and try again. They might as well be slamming their head repeatedly against a wall.

About as effective. Maybe more so.

There’s a better way than that. Continue reading

Rest and Sick Days

If there’s a silver lining to being sick, it would be sick days. That is, days where you do absolutely nothing, just sit back and relax and let the healing magic of lethargy take over. That’s what I did this weekend. Well, most of the weekend.

I got sick sometime last week. You can read about the progression here, in a terrible, rambling post written while under fever. The short, more coherent version: first I had much less energy, then I had a light fever, then a full fever. Fun. It peaked Friday … the day I had the longest day at work. Lucky me.

When you’re a kid, you just stay home. Us stupid adults still drag ourselves to work.

Continue reading

Fever Dreams

When you are sick, the universal panaceas are rest and water. If you are very sick you won’t have much of an appetite, so you can’t expect to eat much, but you can drink to your heart’s content. Indeed, the more water the more better. In the past I’ve gone through litres and litres of water in a single day, and still my ailing body begged for more. Considering how much you can sweat with a high fever, it shouldn’t be that surprising.

The other staple, of course, is rest. Rest rest rest. If you can, do absolutely nothing. Live in bed. Sleep 12 hours a day until you’re better. Sleep never feels as good as when you’re recovering from an illness.

There’s a reason literally every stock image of illness is someone lying in bed, usually with a glass or bottle nearby.

Unless, that is, you happen to dream. Then sleep becomes rather a struggle, akin to fighting a demon. That’s what I went through last night. Continue reading

Good News, I’m Sick!

I’ve been having a terrible week, and I didn’t know why. Everything I touched turned to ash, and I had absolutely no energy. I didn’t know what was going on. It was just one big failure after another. What was wrong with me?

It appears to be excessive arrows pointing downwards.

I thought I was doing everything right. I was eating healthy, sleeping lots, spending time outside in the beautiful if humid weather. For the previous two weeks I was seeing gains in everything I did, but now it was crashing down. What was wrong? What had changed? How can I change this?

I was legitimately worried, but it turns out everything’s okay. I’m just sick! Continue reading

Losing My Voice

First off, I need to reiterate that I am not sick. Not sick, not at all. I don’t get sick any more. If I can still do everything, if I can function normally, then I am not sick. End of discussion. I just happened to wake up with a sore throat and little to no voice, but that’s not sick. That’s just a sore throat.

Though I’m also apparently blue. That’s worrisome.

If I had to be honest, I knew this would happen. About three days ago my voice started cracking oh so slightly when I needed to be loud. I teach martial arts, and being loud is pretty much my job. A few times my voice cracked. I’m not going through puberty, so it had to be something else. Then, last night, another instructor mentioned in passing how she lost her voice earlier in the week and was only just getting it back.

It appears she found hers but took away mine. Thanks, Sempai. Continue reading

Eating Too Quickly

A few weeks ago I bragged about not getting sick for an entire year. Well, I still haven’t gotten sick, but I sure felt like it for a few hours yesterday, and it’s all thanks to lunch.

I currently hate lunch with a passion. Stupid lunch.

Allow me to set the table. I teach martial arts, a part of a team of instructors at my dojo. It’s a pretty awesome job, as far as jobs go, as it combines my love of teaching with my obsession of staying fit. It’s often the most fun I have on any given day, and I generally only need to work the evenings, so from after-school until right before bedtime, or what the average person considers bedtime. That’s great. Continue reading

One Year Without Illness

I hope I’m not tempting fate by writing this. You know how it goes. Someone will say, “Gee, I haven’t been sick in awhile,” and then by this time next week they are puking vital organs out. I don’t really believe in that, but I don’t not believe in it either. I would prefer to not tempt the universe either way, given the choice, but this seems a rather momentous occasion.

This isn’t me! And it hasn’t been since 2015!

I have now gone one calendar year without getting sick. Continue reading

How Videogames Have Helped Me: Sickness

I’ve been rather cruel to videogames. I’ve written three different posts over the last three months claiming how videogames ruined my life. That expression is slightly tongue-in-cheek, but there is truth in it. If I had never played video games, or at least never played those specific games I mentioned in each post, my life would likely be changed for the better.

Maybe not THIS much for the better, but still for the better.

That’s all well and true, but that’s only half the story. Videogames have also played a viable support role in my life. They’ve helped me think differently, overcome obstacles, engage socially and, of course, provided thousands of hours entertainment. It would be remiss of me not to mention all the positives of videogames. Continue reading

Diary of a Lack of Sleep

Sleep is not my friend. We have a very strained relationship. As a general rule, I never fall asleep; I need to work for it. It has been this way my entire life. As a very young child I stopped taking naps in the afternoon. My parents tried, of course, but they said they could hear my babbling and playing virtually the entire time. I was a good kid, or at least not a destructive one, so my lack of napping was seen as a funny quirk and nothing more.

I’m going to assume this explains everything perfectly.

I remember attending daycare before kindergarten, so I must have been four or five at the time. We had a designated nap time. Everyone would lie down and have a nap. I did it, because I always listen to what I was supposed to do, but I never actually slept. I remember lying on my side, observing the darkened room, watching the caregivers walk around periodically and checking everyone. I rarely if ever fell asleep during this time. Not that I didn’t want to: falling asleep for an hour is far better than lying down quietly and not sleeping for an hour. I just couldn’t do it. Continue reading