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Plato and Why People Make Mistakes

Why do people do wrongs things? We all make mistakes, as that’s just part of being human. Sometimes, though, it’s as if we go beyond mere mistakes and into active destruction. We know that eating junk food is bad for us, for example, but we do it anyway. Eating junk food is wrong. We know it, but we do it. Why? Why do we make mistakes?

It’s an interesting question. Well, I’m a philosopher, and I find it interesting. I’m also a martial arts instructor, and I see mistakes all the time. Indeed, a big part of my job is correcting mistakes, in guiding my students down the path to correct technique. It amazes me how the same mistakes happen time and time again, both with the same person and across many different people. Why can’t I just correct it once? Why do we need so many repetitions? Why are mistakes the norm and not vice versa?

It may seem strange how I started talking about nutrition and have now suddenly shifted gears into karate training, but it’s really not strange at all. It all comes down to Plato.

Perhaps the most influential person in history, both world and my own.

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Smokers as Role Models

We don’t normally consider cigarette smokers to be role models. Maybe, if we’re being charitable, we can say smokers show us how not to behave. Smoking is an incredibly expensive, destructive habit, one that makes you smell worse, discolours your teeth and fingers, destroys your lungs and has about eight-thousand other side effects. Heck, it even poisons those around you, regular people who just happen to be breathing the same air as you.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a positive about smoking … but I’m going to try. Most places don’t let you smoke inside any more, so if you want a cigarette, you need to go outside. And sometimes the weather is terrible. Maybe it’s raining fierce, a storm blowing with the force of a minor hurricane. Or maybe it’s winter and it’s really freaking cold, so cold no sane person would stand outside if they had a choice.

Bus stops are a popular place to get a smoke, as they vaguely pretend to offer shelter.

And yet that’s exactly what smokers do. They put up with some of the most unpleasant conditions imaginable, all because they want a smoke. They won’t let bad weather get in the way. That’s admirable, in a roundabout way. Continue reading

Another Look at Bacon and Cancer

What if I told you there was something you could easily do to increase both your health and your lifespan? It would be simple, uncomplicated, and you can apply it instantly. In fact, it’s not so much something you do as something you don’t do. All you would have to do is avoid one simple activity and you would increase your health in a big way. You would likely be interested, yes? After all, who does not want to live longer?

Good news, because I will tell you right now: don’t smoke cigarettes.

Seriously, don’t do this.

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