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What is Equality in Chess?

Someone posed a question on my blog asking, “What is equality anyway?”  On one hand, it’s an easy question: if the game is equal, then that’s equality.  If both sides have the same material, the same pieces, no weaknesses, same development, then that’s equality.  That’s obvious, but chess is a deep game, and many positions are far from simple … and yet GMs will still claim that the game is equal.

In this post, I want to discuss some ideas behind equality.  There are quite theoretical, so I don’t expect it to radically change your play, but you might understand chess better afterwards.  First, though, I want to discuss the basic strategic ideas behind the chess game. Continue reading

The Time I Wanted to be an Artist

[This post was inspired by an email I received today. Riven Phoenix, an art professor and creator of the online course that teaches how to draw the human figure, has recently revamped his website and asked for help in promoting it. I recommend both his site and his work, and you can find it here. In the meantime enjoy my little history as far as it relates to art and drawing.]

Everybody has dreams growing up. Most kids have the grandest dreams possible, things like being an astronaut or a sports star. Some have more modest goals of being a doctor or a lawyer. Very few kids have small dreams. Now that I think about it, actually, I can’t remember what I dreamed about. As an older teenager I wanted to be a chess master, but that thought never occurred as a child. I don’t think I wanted anything, actually. As long as I had enough free time to play video games and road hockey, I could be anything when I grow up. Continue reading