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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I have a pretty cool job. I teach martial arts and fitness classes. Basically, I get to play all day. I punch and kick and run and jump and just have fun. It’s pure movement, and it’s a blast. I’d wager most of my students really enjoy martial arts, and they like having just as much fun as I do. It’s great. I spend about 20% of my working day playing or supervising various martial arts themed ‘games’, little fun activities that increase skill.

It’s like martial arts videogames, but in real life!

I can’t think of too many negative aspects to my line of work. I suppose the hours are somewhat erratic at times, some children can be problematic and question authority, but on the whole it’s a good gig. Few things are more rewarding than teaching. That said, even caviar every day can become boring. Sometimes you need a break. Continue reading

The Life of Smithy: The End

I still remember that night vividly. I had just returned home from university, and I mean home home. I had finished all of my exams and returned North to my hometown. I would work here all summer to pay for my tuition the following year. That night was a Friday, my first Friday since coming back, and I spent it going through boxes and barrels of various packed items.

I normally hate packing and unpacking, as these are easily the worst part about moving. This was different. I needed to go through our storage room and decide what was worth keeping and what we could sell or throw away. This included three large barrels absolutely filled with my childhood toys. Basically, if I had played with something as a kid, it was in one of those barrels. I spent that night sorting through this and reliving my childhood. Continue reading

On Small Town Summers

Context is important: it defines everything. For example, let’s take summer. If you’re a child, summer is synonymous with summer vacation, usually the best time of year. If you’re a hockey player, it’s the off-season, the quietest time of year. If you live in Canada, summer is an amazing blessing that follows the frigid winter. If you live in Florida, summer is the time in which it slightly hotter than the other nine months of the year.

It also seems every image search for ‘summer’ involves water in some way.

Even here, we can get into more subtle contexts. Take summer vacation. Some families literally go on vacation, spending weeks or even months in different locations. In Canada, it’s very common for people to go away to a cottage during the summer. That never happened for me. Summer was just a time I had no school and I could literally do anything I wanted: stay home, go play with friends, do road hockey all day, read books or play video game, the sky was the limit. Complete freedom. This version of summer vacation is very different than the person who goes on vacation, someone who by definition is away from all of his or her friends, and it is also completely different from the person who attends summer camps. Continue reading