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Game 4: The Dancing Hare – SmithyQ: An Endgame Swindle

There are three types of draws in chess.  The first where all the pieces get traded by move eight and the opponents just shake hands.  You know, the grandmaster draw we all know and love.  Second, there are the games when one side has a small advantage the entire time but can’t quite convert it into a win.  Such games are frustrating for both sides and are barely better then the GM draws.

Finally, there’s the epic saves, the miracle defences, the unbelievable twists of fate.  Today I share one such game.

This was my fourth game since coming back to chess, against a much higher-rated opponent, and he was winning by move 18.  I spent 40 moves doing everything to stay afloat, but he crushed me with the precision of a Swiss watch … until one careless move saved the day for your’s truly.  Let’s take a look. Continue reading