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The Joy of an Active Imagination

I’m about as introverted as you can get. I’m quiet, I don’t speak up, I don’t ask questions. I let other people lead, and only if there is no choice do I rise to the occasion. I prefer to stay in the background, away from noise and activity and motion. Being around too many people can overwhelm me into complete submission. That’s why, should you ever see me, I’ll be with one or two people, or even more likely, alone.

I have never been the person on the left.

This is somewhat ironic, as my current job is as a martial arts instructor, so I have to be loud, outgoing, surrounded by people, always the centre of attention. Life can be funny that way. At work I pretend to be an extrovert, but as soon as I untie my belt, I am very much back into my shell. Continue reading

What is Philosophy?

I majored in philosophy at university; I am a philosopher. Most people don’t know how to react when I tell them this. The polite ones just smile and say, “Ah, that’s interesting.” The more honest ones will try to hide a confused look and then say, “What is philosophy?” or “What can you do with that?”

Both are excellent questions, and are in fact the exact type of question a philosopher would ask. The short answer is to both questions is “Not very much,” but we can dig in deeper, much deeper.

He meant that literally, as in the literal definition.

Any definition of philosophy always starts with the literal Greek definition: philos means ‘love’ and sophia is wisdom, so philosophy is the love of wisdom. Philosophers love stating this definition, even if it is quite useless from a descriptive standpoint. My very first philosophy professor defined it as, “What is X?”, where X can be literally anything. If you ask a question, then, you are a philosopher, apparently. Continue reading

Why You Should Take Philosophy … Courses

It’s the first weekend after Labour Day, and that typically needs one thing: high school and university students are busy dropping classes. It happens all the time. Maybe a certain course doesn’t fit well in your timetable or you don’t have any friends in it or you hate the professor or the content just sounds too hard, whatever the reason students start dropping classes like flies. Allow me to use this time to recommend what course you should take instead. Take philosophy.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should be majoring in philosophy. Oh, by the Goddess, no. Stay well away. However, taking individual philosophy classes may be the best academic decision you ever make… aside from not majoring in philosophy.

Umm … you see … damn, checkmate.

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Diary of a Lack of Sleep

Sleep is not my friend. We have a very strained relationship. As a general rule, I never fall asleep; I need to work for it. It has been this way my entire life. As a very young child I stopped taking naps in the afternoon. My parents tried, of course, but they said they could hear my babbling and playing virtually the entire time. I was a good kid, or at least not a destructive one, so my lack of napping was seen as a funny quirk and nothing more.

I’m going to assume this explains everything perfectly.

I remember attending daycare before kindergarten, so I must have been four or five at the time. We had a designated nap time. Everyone would lie down and have a nap. I did it, because I always listen to what I was supposed to do, but I never actually slept. I remember lying on my side, observing the darkened room, watching the caregivers walk around periodically and checking everyone. I rarely if ever fell asleep during this time. Not that I didn’t want to: falling asleep for an hour is far better than lying down quietly and not sleeping for an hour. I just couldn’t do it. Continue reading

Review of Unlocking the GM’s Mind

Quick Look

unlocking_gms_mind_Disc_cover_1aUnlocking the GM’s Mind

Topic: Thinking?

My View: Worst RCA course by far, avoid

Size: 300mb, about 3hrs of ‘lectures’, about 60 practical problems

Purchase it here.

(edit: a new, updated version has been released; check the bottom for my original review)

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