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Beaten By The Heat

I don’t complain about how hot it gets. Yes, it’s been a heatwave for the last forever, with the temperatures in the high 30s, high humidity, all the crops are dying, the grass is far from green as possible, the very air is on fire, everyone is fed up … but I won’t complain. I refuse to complain. Hey, at least it’s not winter.

When we get sixteen feet of snow in six months, I’m blaming everyone who complained this week.

Really, I don’t mind the heat. Obviously, I’d prefer if it weren’t a million degrees outside. Normal weather would be nice, but I don’t mind the heat. I can deal with it, I can work around it. I know what to do, how to fight through the heat.

The problem is that the heat fights back, and today, despite all my best efforts, the heat beat me. It beat me badly. Continue reading

Days Blending Together

I’ve just finished a work marathon. Two co-workers have taken a trip to Europe, leaving us temporarily short-staffed. That’s fine, as we can handle it. It would be nice to have those extra bodies, but we made do. I didn’t expect any problems, and we had none, at least in terms of job performance. I didn’t realize, though, the mental toll it would inflict.

Pinky fingers, what are they good for?

I ended up covering every shift for one person, which meant I worked six days a week. I’m a martial arts instructor, so this means teaching classes. For the last two weeks, I have not only been at work every single day, but I have taught all but three classes in that time, and that’s just because two classes were happening at the same time and I couldn’t be in both places.

Seriously, for the last two weeks, I have seen every class and every student, and my mind has started blending everything together. Continue reading

I Sleep More Than You Do (?!)

If you are the average person, then there’s a good chance you are insane. Or at least drunk. That’s because if you don’t get enough sleep, your cognition and reflex speed slows down the same as if you had a blood-alcohol level of .05. If you pull an all-nighter, that number climbs to .10. Without sleep, you are a worse driver sober than you would be wide awake after chugging several beer.

All of this likely isn’t news. People function better when they get more sleep. It’s common sense, and anyone who had a terrible sleep can vouch for it. Or conversely, sleeping in on a weekend where you have nothing to do, especially after a very hectic week, is one of life’s greatest and yet simplest pleasures.

You know it’s a good sleep when you’re smiling during the photo shoot.

Here’s the thing, though: there’s a good chance I get more sleep than you do. As in, me, the guy with insomnia. As in, me, the guy who takes 45min to fall asleep every night. I get more sleep than you do, assuming you are average, and if so, what the hell is wrong with you? Continue reading

Lack of Sunlight

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I dislike winter. It is easily my least favourite season, and with good reason. It’s cold, it’s unpleasant, I can’t go outside, staying inside is a fight to stay warm, it’s just the worst. That said, I don’t have much to complain about so far this year. The first snowfall quickly disappeared, and we have not had a trace of the white stuff for three weeks. Indeed, the weather has been downright acceptable, with the temperature consistently around 5°C or so. For December, I will take it.

If anything, it’s almost turning into a bad thing. We here in southern Ontario may have a green Christmas. No snow is forecast for the next week, and with the temperature staying mild, it looks like any snow that may fall likely won’t stick around, and that’s too bad. I dislike the winter and snow as much as anyone, but you have to have it on Christmas. It adds magic to the moment, making everything look like a postcard. A green Christmas simply seems pedestrian by comparison.

This scene all green would be completely different. Not in a bad way, maybe, but also not Christmas-y.

That said, if my choices are relative warmth and a green Christmas versus frigid cold and a white Christmas, I take the green Christmas every time, without deliberation. Continue reading

Tired Eyes

This is difficult to write as I’m trying not to look at the screen. I’ll explain in a moment.

I appear to have sprained my ankle. I may also have an Achilles strain, as the entire back section of my leg remains tight and resists any movement or pressure. I currently cannot stand without assistance, and I’m taking some pain medication every few hours. It’s not an incredibly happy time for me.

I’m not the yellow ball today … or the last few days.

Continue reading