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Game 9: Zicfun-SmithyQ: A Very Crazy Opening

That’s an old adage that says amateur chess players need not worry about opening theory, since no one follows the mainlines after move eight anyway.  This is perhaps an oversimplication, but it has a grain of truth in it.  The game today, though, shows this off perfectly.

By about move 4, we had reached a completely unique position, one you could barely tell was a Sicilian.  You could have every opening book ever memorized and it wouldn’t help you.  If you knew basic ideas, though, then you could figure out the correct plan without much effort.

This game was a blast to play, and I’m excited to share the following crazy opening. Continue reading

July 2016 Game of the Month: Beating My First Titled Player

Back in April I was this close to beating my first ever titled player … and then I threw it all away in one move.  Opps.  I wrote about that devastation and heartbreak last month.  This month, I managed to make up for that, so to speak, as I beat my first ever titled player!  Woot!

On the downside, the game itself isn’t that interesting.  White basically falls for an opening trap, and that’s it.  GG.  That’s a shame, because this month I played some really interesting positions … but none of them were my first ever victory against a titled master.  Oh well, this game has historical value if nothing else.

Let’s take a look. Continue reading