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Stupid Autoplay Videos

I think we can agree, by and large, that the Internet is a pretty awesome thing. It lets us communicate in ways previously unimaginable, and it has changed the world more in two decades than most inventions have in a century. There was a time where, if you didn’t know something, you had to call a friend or go to the library. Now we google it and get an answer in five seconds. That’s a massive change.

And images! Can you imagine living in a world before lolcat?

Of course, some of these changes are for the worse. The Internet has likely made us lazier, both physically and mentally. We are less likely to memorize information when a quick search finds anything we need. We are more likely to trust dubious authority, and a whole generation of people are currently growing up in a world where ‘trolling’ is seen as normal, even common behaviour. Strange.

Today, I don’t care about any of that. I want to condemn the Internet for one stupid thing, autoplay videos. Also known as the devil. Continue reading

Sports are Weird: The NHL Trade Deadline

Yesterday was a special day. For one, it was February 29th, something we won’t get to experience again for 1460 days. Apparently people actually celebrate this, doing various ‘Leap Day’ festivities. Not going to lie, that seems odd but I’m not going to judge. I celebrate far weirder things.

More relevant to the topic at hand, yesterday was also the NHL’s trade deadline, the last day to make any trades and get ready for the championship run. It’s the busiest day of the year, with over 20 transactions happening most years, sometimes much more than that. Every team gets in on the action, with the bottom-feeders selling assets for future draft picks and the contenders loading up for the final sprint to the finish. When the dust finally settles, the NHL’s landscape is often drastically transformed.

It even has its own little graphic thing.

Well, that’s what happens in theory. In practice, yesterday was a complete waste of time. With all due respect to Kris Russell et al, absolutely nothing happened yesterday … though you couldn’t tell by the media circus. Continue reading