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How I Got My Chess Rating to 2000


My rating is over 9000! Er, I mean, 2000!

Over the weekend, instead of watching the Superbowl, I mostly played chess.  I play correspondence chess, and I had a few opponents on at roughly the same time.  We exchanged moves quickly, or as quickly as correspondence chess allows, and soon I had three games approaching the 40th move.  I had a growing advantage in all three, and suddenly all three were over.

In the aftermath of all the resignations, amid the smoke and smouldering rubble, I peeked at my rating: 2005.  I had done it!  I had accomplished one of my long-standing chess goals! Continue reading

October 2015 Update

October draws to a close, and as October is not September, it was automatically a better month.

I spent virtually the entire 31 days resting.  I did much less than usual in most of things.  In some ways I welcomed the break, though I think I need to start ramping things back up into high gear.  Too much time off is just as bad as not enough.  Anyway, here were my goals at the end of September, let’s see how I did:

  • be able to walk without assistance
  • finish a chess game
  • write 50,000+ words
  • don’t get injured

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You Get What You Give

Let me start by providing an injury update. It has been one month since I strained my ankle from playing frisbee, and I am not yet back to normal. I’m close, agonizingly close, but I’m not there yet. I can easily walk without assistance now, and for most of the day I have no discernible limp. Some days, though, I am on my feet for eight hours or more, and by the end I start limping a bit.

I spent ten minutes looking for a picture of someone limping, and this was the best one I could find…

Note that this is eight hours of mostly standing. I teach martial arts and fitness for a living, and this has strained both my ability to work and my ability to heal. I try to stay as inactive as possible, given my job, but some movement is required. Indeed, virtually every move requires either an incredibly rooted stance, which puts pressure on the ankles, or a very dynamic and moving stance, which puts pressure on the ankles. It’s not a perfect situation, and I imagine I am delaying my full recovery by weeks simply by working. That said, food is good, and it does no good to heal faster if I have no money to buy food. Continue reading

August 2015 Updates

Summer is winding down, and August comes to a close.  It was a busy month for me, as they all are, but I had extra to do in terms of work.  Indeed, I got a temporary new job, so to speak, and I’ll detail that later.  More importantly, I stayed the course and had another exceedingly productive month.

At the end of July, I gave the following goals.  Let’s see how I did.

  • keep stretching, don’t regress!
  • train 22+ hours of chess
  • finish chess course, ‘Your Winning Plan
  • get Tactic’s Rating back to 1975
  • write at least 35,000 words (which will bring my three month total over 100,000!)

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