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Examples of Winning via Blunder

The most common way to win a chess game at the amateur level is through your opponent’s blunder.  We would like to think that we win because of our brilliant abilities, because that makes our egos feel good.  In reality, most games are simply one side noticing and taking advantage of the other’s mistakes.

Here I will show different examples of blunders from my own games.  These are all mistakes I made.  I didn’t think it very fair to show blunders from my opponents, as no one wants to admit to blundering, so I’ll use my own mistakes from my own games.  Some of them are quite … well, I was much younger at the time. Continue reading

How I Got My Chess Rating to 2000


My rating is over 9000! Er, I mean, 2000!

Over the weekend, instead of watching the Superbowl, I mostly played chess.  I play correspondence chess, and I had a few opponents on at roughly the same time.  We exchanged moves quickly, or as quickly as correspondence chess allows, and soon I had three games approaching the 40th move.  I had a growing advantage in all three, and suddenly all three were over.

In the aftermath of all the resignations, amid the smoke and smouldering rubble, I peeked at my rating: 2005.  I had done it!  I had accomplished one of my long-standing chess goals! Continue reading