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The Rush From Overcoming Obstacles

For the last week I’ve been on a bit of a health and fitness binge, at least as far as this blog goes. I wrote about how eating healthy makes life and workouts better, about how much I like fitness and about how much I really like fitness. You can see a pattern, and it’s no accident. In fact, that pattern will continue today, but in a slightly different form.

Yes, another excuse to post fractal patterns!

There’s a reason I’ve been so gung-ho about this, and it’s because one day I really didn’t want to do my workout. I had about eight-thousand excuses, and I listened to them. I agreed: today would not be a good day for a workout. The problem was if not today, when? The rest of my week is booked solid with commitments, and if I leave it until the weekend I’ve gone a whole week without. That’s not good.

What is a man to do? Well, I went all excuse-busters, and now everything is coming up Milhouse. Continue reading

No Excuses

Excuses are the easiest things to make in the world. You can make an excuse out nothing. Need a reason not to do something? Just reach for an excuse. Suddenly molehills become mountains and you have a thousand reasons to delay, put off or even abandon whatever you want.

A mole the size of a mountain would be pretty scary, now that I think about it.

This is timely, because we are now three weeks into January. If you’ve set any New Year’s goals or resolutions, and you survived the first week, awesome. You rock. You passed the first hurdle, but here comes the second. This is probably the biggest one, the third week. Whether you are doing exercise or a diet or whatever, the third week is often where things get on track for good or fall apart, never to recover. Continue reading

My First Workout Post-Injury

I woke up today with one mission: complete a workout. It’s been too long. I’ve barely done anything since my ankle injury, more than two months ago. I did nothing more strenuous than walk down the street, and that’s a big blow for me. I teach martial arts; I’m addicted to fitness. I love moving and pushing my body to new limits. Getting super sweaty after an intense workout is almost a badge of honour, something to say that I did good work just then. I haven’t felt that in more than two months. That changed today.

It also makes you look possessed. Demon pushups here.

My whole week, in fact, had been planned for this exact moment. Today was the best day to do it, as I have the lightest schedule and no other obligations. Nonetheless, I needed to get it done early. If I didn’t do it first thing, I might not do it at all. I might lose my nerve, or something might come up. Something always comes up if you wait long enough. The night before I went to bed early so I could get up early this morning. Let’s do it. Continue reading

My Martial Arts Bio XIII: Finding Fitness

I moved to my current city in the late summer of 2011, intending to go for my PhD at the local university. I, of course, had a rather sudden and drastic change of heart, and my school plans have been on hold indefinitely. For a solid month I did nothing. To be more accurate, I thought and brooded in the silence and darkness of my room. Don’t confuse this with depression. I was not depressed. I simply needed time to figure out which direction my life would now go.

As a philosophy major, this was sort of what I did regardless.

That is actually a pretty big thing. I had gone my entire life thinking school would be my life. I had never thought of anything else, and now I suddenly faced a yawning abyss. My life could go in any direction, including straight down into the ground. I needed to figure out what to do. Continue reading

From Dull Day to Good Day in an Instant

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” — Wayne Dyer

I had a minor revelation today, but to fully appreciate that I need to set the stage first. As you may know, I teach martial arts, and the first weeks of September are generally the busiest times of the year. That makes sense, as summer sports are ending and people look to new programs and activities for the fall and winter seasons. Here in Canada hockey dominates, and rightly so, but a number of kids want to be a ninja just as much as they want to be a professional hockey player. Well, maybe not, but we’re not that far off.

Now that I think about it, I STILL want to be a ninja when I grow up.

Continue reading